Join the 200hrs Elemental Prana Vinyasa Flow with Kata van Doesselaar Senior Prana Vinyasa Flow Teacher& Teacher trainer!
location: Ibiza
This training will give you 200hrs Accredited certification and you could build up to 300hrs by adding modules with Shiva Rea or other affiliate teachers in the world. 
Upon completion of 200/300hrs you can register with Yoga Alliance.


RESIDENTIAL 200 hrs ELEMENTAL PRANA VINYASA FLOW (SOLAR MODULE - dynamic empowerment-rising flow & LUNAR MODULE -relaxing, meditative, healing)
Advanced Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training on magical Ibiza
May 16-June 6, 2021
with Kata van Doesselaar EYRT 500+
according to the wonderful teachings of SHIVA REA
Elemental vinyasa flow &  prana flow fundamentals, energetical alignment, hands on assists, sequencing, & so much more!

Prana Vinyasa is a full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga cultivated by Shiva Rea. Students are empowered to experience prana, the universal source of breath, life-energy and conscious intelligence, as the navigating source of yoga practice and vital living. Experience innovative approaches to vinyasa yoga and the state of flow within the rhythm of class. Practitioners learn classical and innovative approaches to vinyasa yoga and the state of flow drawn from  Krishnamacharya’s teachings, Tantra, Ayurveda, Bhakti, Somatics and Shiva’s teaching experience from the last 20 years.

Our bodies are comprised of all the Elements which make up life - the food of the Earth, the sacred Water of our primary fluid body, the metabolic and electrical Fire of our cellular and neural network, the Air which is the Breath of Life that nourishes every cell and the Space which primarily pervades our Body. Learn the art of teaching Prana Vinyasa® - or Prana Flow® - as originated by the iconic Shiva Rea. ​

This special course will offer you the tools to embody the energetic flow of yoga on and off the mat, deepen your practice, and learn to share vinyasa for all levels. 

We will dive deep into the experience of all 5 elements according to ayurveda, and learn to embody them through solar - invigorating, empowering practices.

Solar practice: energizing, activating empowering vinyasa flow , with intelligent sequencing, building towards a peak pose and peak moment of embodiment, understanding how our innate connections to nature and the 5 elements, and establishing a solid connection to our pure awareness, walking the path of awakening, and learning to rise and keep rising each day until we dont reach our selfrealization.

The elements we will work with to awaken and embody within are EARTH , WATER, FIRE , AIR and SPACE . 


Lunar practice: learn the art to flow in a meditative , rejuvenative energetic way using the subtle arts, tools of a tantric path of embodying love , innate wisdom and the connection to the great Mother. 

Our bodies are comprised of all the Elements which make up life – the food of the Earth, the sacred Water of our primary fluid body, the metabolic and electrical Fire of our cellular and neural network, the Air which is the Breath of Life that nourishes every cell and the Space which primarily pervades our Body.

Awakening the “Elemental body “ is the primary energetic map in Prana Vinyasa that is connected to the embodiment of Nature and an integrated flow between our practice and our life. The Elements serve as a guide for the entire system of movement alchemy as well as for the specific Elemental Vinyasa pathway.


The Prana Vinyasa Namaskar-Sequence Mandala is a unique part of the Pranaflow Yoga Teacher Training which offers 5 Namaskars (one per element) and 5 Sequences (one per each element)- in each module (solar and lunar)
Learn fundamentals of Prana Vinyasa, Energetic alignment, the mandala of asanas, hands on assists, creative sequencing, mudras, mantras to support you embodiment process.

Learn ancient yet vibrant fundamentals of Ayurveda and tantric practices.

When attending the Elemental Prana Vinyasa training you will learn to embody and practice teaching Five Elemental Prana Vinyasa Namaskars – Bhumi ( Earth) Namaskar, Jala ( Water ) Namaskar, Agni ( Fire ) Namaskar, Hrydaya ( Air ) Namaskar, and Akash (Space) Namaskar and 5 Solar Sequences. There is a detailed manual with all the sequences and theory of the Elements included.

We will review also Prana Flow Fundamentals- all classical namaskars, and all the skills to guide your students into a transformative inspiring and energising yet safe experience.



You will learn how to balance the elements in your life, and home practice ,how to create a suitable practice to assist you in the daily changes of Life,as you navigate through them.


We will explore how to bring your personal connection to the elements in nature along with roots teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda on the five Maha Bhutas (or Elements).

We will also learn to observe as well as heal elemental imbalances with Prana Vinyasa and yoga practices. An important part of Elemental Vinyasa is to begin to apply “Yoga alchemy – Movement alchemy“ for your own self-cultivation.

This includes (taught in the LUNAR ELEMENTAL FLOW MODULE with the Ayurveda model) integrating the “teacher’s self-care”, which includes restoring the elemental body through ayurvedic dinacharya – the daily and seasonal lifestyle practices for living flow. 

This 200hrs -contact hour training will cover:

  • Introduction to Embodying the Power of Nature: learning the 5 Elements

  • Awakening Vinyasa as movement meditation as we focus on poetry, rhythm, breath and movement patterns

  • Art of Namaskar Workbook with the Five Elemental Namaskars – Bhumi (earth) Namaskar, Jala (water) Namaskar, Agni (fire) Namaskar, Hridaya (air) Namaskar, Akash (space) Namaskar that are part of the 40 Namaskar Mandala

  • Experience the integration of elemental meditation, mudra, mantra and bhavana (contemplation through the heart) in 5 complete solar prana vinyasa practices

  • Five Prana Mudra Vinyasas and five step process of leading movement meditation

  • Understanding the Microcosm-Macrocosm of the Elemental Body within Yoga and cross-culturally and the importance of embodying nature in our current times of ecological change

  • Continued study of the Movement Alchemy system and how to use a “practice palette” and available online Yoga Alchemy practices to create life balance and flow

  • Fundamentals of Prana Vinyasa Flow, energetical alignment, working with the 5 vayus, (5 different movement of prana-universal energy)

  • energetical hands-on assists for main poses and peakposes

  • Art of sequencing and cultivating the Bhava ( the special quality that you wish to bring into your class- for healing, transmission)

  • Anatomy of the physical and energetical body

  • Pranayama and Yoga Philosophy

  • Study of sacred texts together


Required Reading
1. Cyndi Dale book Encylopedia of the Subtle Body
2. Tending the Heart Fire by Shiva Rea

Required Online Course
1. Elemental Pathway of Prana Vinyasa with Shiva Rea

Yoga is one of the most powerful ways to restore our vitality because it gives us the map form which to tend our inner fire as the alchemy of being and to attend to any disturbances in the balance of the body’s elements.


May 16-26, 2021  SOLAR Module & LUNAR Module: May 27-June 6, 2021

we start at 5.30pm on the first day, and finish at 11 am, the last day.

Airport Shuttles are available at 3.30pm arrival day and 11 am last day.

Location: Ibiza Yoga Retreat Center

This is a unique opportunity for vinyasa practitioners, trainees, new teachers and experienced teachers to connect with the source of vinyasa methodology and practice, as originally taught by Shiva Rea herself. Kata has been practicing with Shiva for the last 11 years and assisting her for the last 6 years. She is also the Founder and lead teacher of Rise &Shine Yoga Ibiza which is affiliated with Samudra School of Yoga, offering 200/500 hour teaching qualifications.



EARLY BIRD till Dec 31  is  3600€ / person - based on shared room accommodation- including the training, manuals & accommodation in our beautiful villa at 6 min walk from the beach, and all vegan delicious meals and snacks, excursions on the island.

REGULAR PRICE after Dec 31 is 4000€/person based on shared room accommodation.
Single room extra cost is 600€

For budget options and payment plans please contact us via email.

Price doesn't include the registration fee at Samudra School from Shiva Rea 108$ to access all course videos) 

For our policy please look here:

Attendance / Certification / Cancellation Policy

Students must complete all course work related to the course.
Full attendance of 100% is required for the full 200hr certification to be awarded. To receive your Yoga Alliance approved International Prana Vinyasa® Certificate you must submit your course work to Kata and follow the guidelines to complete the full teacher training certification. Students who miss any contact hours due to illness or unforeseen circumstances may request private tuition at their own cost to make up any missed sessions / hours. Please note that you will need to register for a fee of 108 dollars on Shiva Rea's website to access the online videos that are provided for you for this course.

To ensure you have access to all the corresponding online course material we encourage you to confirm your attendance 3 weeks prior to our start date.
We are not responsible for late sign ups and your material arriving late.

It is your responsibility to read and understand our cancellation policy. No one books a training with the intention of cancelling it, but unexpected events do occur and we encourage you to double check the dates to ensure your attendance 100%. Once your payment has been received you will receive a confirmation email. As this training has limited numbers, it allows for a more personable, intimate experience, our non refundable cancellation policy is in place to ensure the highest quality of service and experience for all. Exceptions cannot be made for any reason, including weather, injury/ illness, or personal emergencies. No refunds for arriving late or leaving early is available. All payments are non-refundable. Contact us for any further inquires about our policy.

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