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70hrs Advanced Yin Yoga, Yoga philosophy & Meditation & Awareness Teacher Training with Kata van Doesselaar in Ibiza, 
DATES: 2023, May 6-13

An advanced module of Rise &Shine Yoga School, where we are excited to take you beyond the world of the physical asanas, and to focus on the real aim of Yoga, that has been traditionally the goal of practicioners, and adepts of Yoga through thousands of years: The journey of Awareness and expansion of Consciousness and Liberation of the mind body and Soul. 

We will cultivate this through yoga philosophy lectures, teachings based on Tibetan Buddhism, Chinese Philosophy, Tantric Buddhist Philosophy, we will practice this through various meditations from different lineages (silent, movement, sitting, mantra, mudra  meditations,)  we will practice this through advanced Yin yoga practices, .. and we will embrace this by Yin yoga practices that we will learn and create together to be able to take people beyond their mind to the magical Presence of Self. 

This advanced module can be part of our Yoga Alliance approved 200hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Training course.
You can join if you have already completed a Yin yoga basic course.

The Full 200hrs journey can be completed  together with our Yin basic 60hrs module and the Chakra Yin module , and Acu-Yin modules. 

Take your awareness &Yin yoga practice and teaching into the next level!
Dive deeper into self, learn new techniques, new inspiration on how to implement philosophy, mythology, wisdom talks into your teachings, so you take your students on a transformational, uplifting inspiring journey towards Self. Special awareness practices, meditations and unique sequences and posture variations will deepen your own understanding and experience of principles such as Compassion, Dedication, Devotion, Strength, Healing, and Self Love, Emptiness, Detachement, Awakening. 


We will explore how a shift in your awareness can create shift in the body and recalibrate our emotional body. Learning to transcend old stories to awaken to a more expanded, liberated Self.  You will also learn new creative ways to offer the traditional yin poses, and enrich to variations, options according to your intention.

We will also learn how working with myofascial release, throu fascia balls and poses and trigger pints, can release emotional stories, old energies, and contribute to sense and feel a spacious Self and liberation from all that bounds our Spirit.

Take your awarness to a higher level and learn how to transmit this through Yin yoga and meditation classes to your students in an empowering and healing way.
Observe how breathe by breath your life gains more depth and soul presence.


  • Meditation & Awareness practices

  • Yin yoga healing practices

  • Myofascial release, use of fascia balls and trigger points release

  • Daily two advanced yin & meditation practices

  • Lectures about Yoga Philosophy, Buddhism, Chinese Philosophy and Meridian & Organ Therapy in depth

  • Learn new ways of sequencing, creating advanced yin poses, or find ways to get your students deeper into the Yin quality and support them awakening to who they truly are

  • Sequencing for myofascial release

  • Learn about Soulbreath, the breath that connects you with your Self - so you can take your breathing practice to a deeper level as well

  • Learn to work with sacred teachings in your teaching (each day will be dedicated to a different Philosphical, Spiritual Theme: Emptiness, Detachement, Silence, Liberation, Fullfilment, Awakening, Embodiment, Compassion. Purpose. 

  • Pure, clean vegan and vegetarian delicious sattvic meals

  • Healing meditations with mudras and mantras

  • Healing Sound sessions



  • Advanced

8 days with instruction in English

Spoken languages: Dutch, French, German, English

The maximum participants in the group is 12


We are offering shared  & Single room accommodation packages in a beautiful yoga villa in the heart of Ibiza in a magical traditional finca with pool, indoor yoga space and outdoor yoga space.


The daily program is from 8.00am to 19:30 each day. 



You need to participate in all sessions in the training and complete a written coursework after the course to be sent in. After approval you will be sent your certificate of 70hrs Advanced Yin Yoga & Philosophy

You can build it up to a Yoga Alliance approved 200hrs Yin Yoga teacher certification if you also take the Yin Yoga Basic and Chakra Balance modules & Acu-yin.



As this is an advanced course, we ask you to have already completed a basic Yin Yoga course either with Kata and Erno or a similar minimum 50-60-hours Yin yoga training. Please contact us, if you have doubts about this.


Shared room package 2000€ 

(inc yummy vegan meals daily + beautiful accommodation + training + excursions around the island, rituals )
RLY BIRD DISCOUNT TILL 31 JAN With 150€ With 500€ deposit.

Single room available for 2400€ regular fee - or with discount: 2250€.

Requested reading material 

  • Yoga of the Subtle Body - Tias Little 

  • Inner Tantric Yoga - David Frawley 

  • The Upanishads - Eknath Easwaran

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