Awaken to your Purpose - transformational & empowering Women's Retreat on magical Ibiza with the energies of Goddess Isis & Tara
Jan 17-22 , 2022


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So excited to offer this empowering activating Goddess Yoga retreat on magical Ibiza, which not only will help you to recharge and rebalance yourself but also to recalibrate your connection to your Spirit and get clarity and guidance about your Purpose.
We all have a purpose in life, why were we born? What is the quality that we need to embody, what is the journey that we need to fulfil..what are the choices we need to make in order to truly walk OUR PATH. 

A Path that is sparking up our heart with joy and passion, but also a Path that enriches the world. As we are all meant to add something to the current World. To share our light and unique qualities. But often times we grow up in a non-encouraging way, or in a setting that de-routes us or convinces us to make compromises in therms of how we wish to live and what is important to us in Life. 

We can have thousands of excuses why NOT listening to our Heart..and we can practice the non-listening so well, that eventually we forgot how to listen to our heart..we forgot where to find the guidance...and we have a sesnse of somewhat being lost or disorientated, or just simply in doubts..

This week in Ibiza, and the guidance of Goddess Isis and Tara will support you in finding your clear connection back to you. Will help you to establish a solid , trustful connectedness with Your Spirit, and will encourage you to follow your inner visions.

With daily yoga practices, mantra and meditation practices, excursions, lectures, Goddess Channels and talks, Women-circles, and powerful rituals, and nature explorations we will learn how to clear our mind, body and heart in order to be able to hear...to let our light shine through...and get back to a state of Being guided by the Light.

 The practices are all levels- for the physical level, but mentally, emotionally, Spiritually, we ask you to have a real call to join us.

As that will make this journey really profound and beautiful for you.

And a 200€ discount for early bird discount till nov 30!

Book your spot today with a deposit, and pay the rest later! Benefit from our COVID GUARANTEE:

- use your deposit for another date without any rebooking fee if official COVID travel restriction keep you from coming to us.

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Here is what your special program includes: 
All programs are suitable for all levels! Yet be aware our retreats are about going within, deep rest and recharge, and transformation. We require that you are interested in going within yourself and your aim is to awaken a greater, clearer connection, and balance with your Self. 

• Daily Yoga practices & meditation, mantra session. The Yoga we will practice each day will be in the morning an activating Goddess vinyasa flow class,/chakra flow -each day a different theme as we will work on all our energy centers to get cleared and awakened.

  • Daily rituals, to purify, awaken, reconnect..in nature or in our women circle and home shala.

• Special lectures and goddess chanels throughout the week for powerful energy transmisson and guidance, and to highten your own intuition

  • Daily splendid nature explorations, hikes, beach visits, cold water swims and water blessings ceremonies.

  • A sound healing and mantra session and crystal sessions to help you to embody all your newly awakened energies. To create a happy and fulfilled life and to release blockages that would prevent you from it

- EXTRA; freeflow goddess dance session & celebration , initiation night- as farewell. with our live DJ to play for a Goddess Dance .
• Daily ME time to reflect, journal, and just rest ,or enjoy a book, or community chats

  • Daily 3 yummy vegan, super healthy mostly Glutenfree meals (can do full GF as well)

  • Optional Private Goddess Channel - to get a reading on your Life from the Goddess of Your choice- through kata's Channeling.


What is included in your package:
- Airport transfers at arrival day at 4pm from airport, and last day at 11am from villa
- 5 nights accommodation in our modern beautiful peaceful villa, in the quiet green surroundings of Cala Llenya

- Daily 3 yummy healthy vegan meals (allergies can be considered if communicated in advanced), snacks, water and tea and coffee throughout the day
- Daily yoga sessions & meditations, mantra circles with Kata connected to Chakras and the Goddesses for perfect recalibration of your energy body and reconnection to SELF
- Wonderful hikes to nature,  beaches to enjoy 
- 5 Channels for our Group for Guidance and energy activation
- 1 free spirit dance yoga with our private DJ 
- Use of swimming pool, towels, Beach nearby
- We can offer you props like bolsters, blankets, blocks, but no yoga mat. So please take yours.


Ibiza, Balearic island, in cala Llonga 10 min walk from the beach on sweet hills with great panorama. 

A sweet, luminous, modern villa, with 5 bedrooms,  swimming pool..lovely views, surrounded by nature, quiet area. 

OPTIONAL(for extra cost):

- massage, private soul reconnection session, or Goddess channeled reading, daily fresh juice package.



- your flights to Ibiza and home, your travel insurance which we require you to have.


- EARLY BIRD FEE :  1200€/pers instead of 1400€

in shared 2 pers room accommodation with ensuite bathroom.

- triplet room with discount: 1050€

- Single room with discount  : 1500€


And pay the rest at arrival.

COVID policy: in case the retreat can not take place because of Covid, meaning we have a lockdown on Ibiza, we will reschedule the retreat and offer you a spot at a later time. If YOU can not travel because your country forbids travel, we will give you chance to reschedule your retreat.

You need to make sure that you come healthy to the retreat, that is your responsibility.

If you need a PCR test to travel home, we can organize the test to be done at the villa at your convenience.

We are excited to welcome you for this powerful experience,  to launch the new year of 2022 in a radiant and bright way!

We can't wait to share the magic of the goddess Guidance & sacred locations, recharging practices, activities on this special island of Ibiza with you!


Your Retreat will be lead by Kata van Doesselaar, Senior Yoga teacher and teacher trainer and Channeler of higher dimensional communication. To read more about Kata, please click here: