Channeling Training with Kata van Doesselaar

Join Kata van Doesselaar’s Channeling Training to learn how to open up and use all your senses. Learn to explore interdimensional communication that can contribute to the fulfilment of your Life, to the development of healing and creating abilities, and the expansion of your awareness and your energy field.

During the course, we will learn how to connect more strongly to our intuition, inner voice, how to communicate with our own Spiritual Self clearly, and how to connect with ascended Masters, Goddess Essences, Archangels, and the Spirit of our departed loved ones.

We will also engage in communication with the Spirit of our favourite animals, family members, loved ones, children to understand them more clearly and soulfully and, if necessary, to help them on their soul level.
The training will also help you clear your energy channel and bring pure creativity, healing power, vitality into your Life..it will help you unlock blockages and open up to Conscious Creation..and divine guidance.

We will learn which essence can help you..when to invoke what, what is good to connect to, how to develop a sense of discernment and we will create a strong connection with a chosen Master, an essence with whom you will work for several weeks and months to build these new dimensions in Yourself.

Kata van Doesselaar has practiced various forms of channeling since the age of 17, she is an expert in interdimensional communication. From 2009, she led groups with the energies and messages of Isis, St Germain, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Merlin. She held monthly live broadcasts until 2013, with thousands of participants, online. And the feedback has always been fantastic.

Now it’s time for Kata to reopen her channel to a wider audience ... and with the resumption of monthly broadcasts, Kata feels a call to help unlock these abilities in others as well. FOR A MORE FULFILLED, INSPIRED, AWAKENED, MORE JOYFUL AND LIGHTER LIFE!

DATES: July 29-Aug 1. & Oct 16-17
All days are online trainings, which you can follow from the comfort of your home. In total 6 days, 10-18h

Participation Fee:
€ 650 (until 30 May) afterwards by € 690€
The fee includes a manual and Kata's Tara Goddess Teachings book.









What previous participants shared:

“I know Kata very well, I have been witnessing many of her channelings in person from the beginning.

I barely know anyone else that is channeling entities in such a deep and pure way from her heart. That is why I highly trust her opinion and I am honoring her for how she is walking on her path. This is why I went to her channeling workshop. I just heard the call to be there.

My biggest surprise what happened there went beyond all my expectations. I could connect with Merlin in such way that I felt his presence in all cells of my body. Merlin helped me to connect with a team of entities that have spent their lives as a group of scientists on earth.  I felt clearly Einstein and Nicola Tesla amongst this team of approximately 20 entities. From that moment we are working on a fantastic project together. In the last exercise we were doing channeling in couples and through my partner I received a message that touched my soul deeply and opened my heart fully. This experience is still alive in me. After the workshop I felt like shifting through a galactic tunnel into a totally different dimension without effort or pushing, but with ease and grace in deep connection with my body and soul.

It has created the most adventurous journey of my life”.



“I wanted to participate to this course because I wanted to get closer to myself to my own soul. During this workshop it did happen and much more than just this happened. Kata and Erno with their love and gentle guidance and their credibility showed the way that I want to walk on. I did not only get closer to wonderful entities whose energies and loving support felt amazing, but also to my soul and this started a new flow of change in me, that brings me closer to my joy and my balance. The most amazing proof for me is the credibility and authenticity of Kata and Erno. Yes it is impossible to live in a different way, the way that I have always dreamed of. I can feel this becoming stronger and stronger with each breath”.


“This training was a fantastic experience to me. New dimensions opened up for me that I was not even dreaming about! I had amazing experiences and it just keeps happening. The passion of Erno and Kata for channeling is truly touching me, they are inspiring me as true standards!
Thank You so much”!