We  Need  Your Support!

And we offer you great profits in return!

Dear All, We started Rise & Shine Yoga almost a 2 months ago,
putting all our energy, love & finances in it.
We envisioned a lot of improvement compared to

the previous Yoga Studio that we took over..

Our Goal is to offer you a real quality service, which is not only about the classes
 and the yoga poses, but also about creating a great atmosphere
that is inviting you to relax, to feel at home,
to build strength and to recharge yourself with positive vibes!

Right now we could only finance a part of the renovations that are necessary 
with our own resources and savings.
We knew that there are many yogis who do not want to wait for months

to continue their (Hot) Yoga practice in this location ...
so we started with what we had.

And as you can see already for a while, we needed to stop renovating...
But it is time to complete the Rise & Shine Yoga Studio now!
So more people can discover the real quality that we have to offer.

Right now, we really need your support for our Crowdfunding Campaign,
to continue with all the work that still needs to be done in the studio...

Restoring the ceiling, installing a professional humidifying system for the perfect sweaty Hot Yoga Experience! renewing the floor, isolating doors and windows, ,bathroom renewal, basement floor renovation, a nice front store board to put our new Brand out there visible to all, etc..

In return for your support we offer you a high interest of 6% per year, during 4 years (24%!), great Pre-sale offers (check our great offers!) and beautiful gifts for Donations...

Please help us manifesting our Dream, by bringing this sweet yoga studio into its fulfillment... Do you know others who would like to support and invest in us? Please share this page with them! Or bring them in contact with us.

Right now we have 14 days left and we know together we can do this!

With your support we can support many people in Hilversum and the Gooi
with our Beautful Rise & Shine Yoga Studio for many years...
 to have a relaxed, happier and more joyful life!

Thank You from our Heart!
Kata & Erno van Doesselaar Founders of Rise&Shine Yoga Hilversum 

Fee free to Contact Us by sending the form below 

Or  you can call us at 06 31327913

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