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 Goddess Lakshmi Radiant Self
21 day Online Meditation & Awareness Sadhana
with Kata van Doesselaar 

Breathe It. Receive it. Be It. Enjoy it. Celebrate it. Share it.
It's All within. Sacred. Whole and full.

Do you wish to feel more love and kindness in your self, more harmony and ability to enjoy your Life?
Do you wish to feel more positive, light, bright about yourself and your Life?

Do you wish to shift things that seemingly are heavy or blocking you, restraining you from being you, or being happy and free?
Do you wish to learn and practice how to connect deeper to your Self?

Do you wish to invite more nourishment and truly attract what your heart desires? 

Do you wish to awaken more love in your heart, in your body and connect stronger with your Spirit?

Do you wish to understand the Divine Feminine qualities you can awaken in your Self?

Do you wish to release old patterns that do create challenges, suffering and tension in your life?

Do you wish to finally learn how to meditate and find joy with that?

Then this 21 day course is for you!

Join Kata van Doesselaar (EYRT500) experienced senior yoga teacher and teacher trainer, meditator for 25 years, for a 21 day personal journey into the Radiant Goddess Embodiment.

Kata has been working with the Goddess since 25 years, and after a few very powerful Tara Sadhanas, she feels now is time to work in these radiant summer monthes with the Goddess Lakshmi. You are invited to take your awareness, your ability to love, receive, appreciate, enjoy and attract what is good for youto the next level.

Sadhana means: An inner journey that you are dedicated to, and committed to walk with practices that you do each day- for a certain length of time.

For 21 days you will recieve daily meditations and/or gentle movement sessions and you will be guided through a wonderful transformational & awakening process.

You will be required to have each day time for yourself and the inner work that you will be guided to complete in the energies of the Goddess Tara and her teachings.

You will receive a book with guidance, and mantras, and you will be invited to journal each day to establish a solid connection to yourself and the Goddess within.

There will be each day different meditations, mantras and prayers ..movement meditations to awaken , to restore, to ignite your connection to the Goddess of Abundance and radiant creativity within.

If you have been feeling lately the call to connect deeper with your Soul, to make some positive changes in your life, if you struggle with some negativity, fears, doubts, or lack of anything wish to start a more loving chapter in your life and learn to create a daily self care - routine with an aim to awaken to more fulness within and  in your life..THEN YES!

We will be using beautiful ancient techniques, but also creative intuitive soulful ways to learn how to walk daily the Path of a Radiant Goddess. Who is a fountain of vitality, Love, creativity , joy and abundance.


Our aim is that after the 21 days - you will be able to use all the tools and practices  that we learnt and practiced together, to maintain a solid connection to Your Soul, Your Heart wisdom, and your intuition- in your every day life and create a more abundant, more fulfilling reality for yourself!


The course starts on the 8th Aug with a live session in the evening at 7pm.

And after that each evening you will get the meditation for the next day, so you can practice it during the new day whenever it is the most convenient for you.

The sessions will be somewhere between 30-50min each day. Some shorter, some longer. Each powerful..and naturally building up always on the previous ones. 
You will get guidance each day , some small assessments, and excercises, practices to help you to flow with the beautiful energies of the Goddess Lakshmi. 21 day is what is needed to anchor a new habit in our brain. We will create a radiant new pathway in the brain, sacred body, the heart and your Soul to embody more the Light that you are and bring more of all that into your every day Life, and attract all what your heart desires deep within.
Practices will be: Meditations, gentle yoga movements(all level), mantra meditations, movement meditations, gentle dance fluid moves, self enquiry, awareness talks and blockage releases, guidance with emotions and practices to open up for more Love, Compassion, Joy and abundant flow of vitality, health, wealth, creativity.. 
Supporting your Blossoming as a wonderful unique divine being, embracing the human part as well.

Kata’s teachings are non-religious, based on ancient sacred tantric buddhism, tantric Yogini teachings, and her own deep connection and initiations she experienced with the Goddesses.

You will be added to a beautiful private FB group, where fellow meditators are supporting you and we share inspiration and questions, and experiences.






- A journey to open up to receive more Love, Happiness, Wealth, Abundance and Joy in your Life
- A journey to establish healthy and positive new habits to support you on your Path
- A journey to connect deeper to Your Spirit
- A journey to enhance your intuition and activate guidance in your Life
- A journey to re-calibrate your connection to your Body and shift into a loving, appreciative place with your body and a deeper sense of communication with body, mind , heart and spirit
- A journey to learn to read the maps of our emotions
- A journey to get more light and playfulness into your Life
- A journey to establish a daily practice, stability, loving foundation for your Life
- A journey to activate your inner magnet to attract all beneficial and prosperous things into your Life
- A journey to learn to recognize where we limit ourselves, our Joy and abundance
- A journey to shift from No, I don’t know, I don’t believe so, I cant..Into YES I CAN. YES I AM. YES I DO.


We start the 21 days on the 8th August . A wonderful way to access the bright Light energy that comes from the 8.8 Lion's Gate Portal of Light. 

And after that each evening you will get the meditation for the next day, so you can practice it during the new day whenever it is the most convenient for you.


8th August. 7pm (Ibiza time)

29th August 7pm Closing 7pm.

Once the 21 days are finished you can restart them at anytime. As the videos will be available to you for 3 years.

We start the Sadhana with minimum 10 participants. 


108€ /pers.​ with Early Bird discount till 31 July- afterwards 145€

Which includes the e-booklet and all sessions you will be sent, and the Live sessions. 

Looking forward to share this magical journey and the magical Creation process of a New You.

Option to choose our RADIANT GODDESS PACKAGE which includes a sacred and beautiful Mala of your choice -from Kata’s newly designed malas, sent to your address (shipping cost excluded) – of a value of 60€ for 155€ (instead of  168€)

Blessings, Kata van Doesselaar


First of all, thank you so much for these beautiful guided 21 days of tara meditation.

I felt such a strong connection with the circle since day 1 (each time I felt warmth in my arms and I really felt support) and a really comfortable energy each time that I sat down in «my own temple». I had the impression as if «you could read my thoughts» because each time that you were talking about something, I could «apply» it to my life or see something linked to that in my life. In general I would say that this tara journey enabled me to stay more centered, connected with myself, to trust even more my own intentions and to disconect from the actual world situation. 

It was so lovely and I am so happy that I could participate.

Thank you!!

And finally I when I did my 21st day and I had 3 Taras with me: Golden, Blue turquoise and Black.

The word that came to me most during this experience has been “BELIEVE”. Believe in the Self, in Life, in Love.

I remember every single word you share and offer as wisdom drops. THANK YOU SO MUCH.     

I know that as I invite a Goddess she will come, and I learnt it just now, thanks to you.  "A"


Thank you so much Kata!

These 21 days have been amazing and so eye-opening for me. 

I've really connected with the practice. 

Tops: I loved it even so much more than I imagined at the beginning. You had such a beautiful intro’s, they touched me so much and I felt so much recognition.. I loved the visualizations of the golden circle, it helped me to stay connected with all the beautiful taralights... and I feld the light from them in me and radiant it through my back to all this loved ones behind and next to me. Never forget this I became more interested in my ancestors.. feel more connected, it made me realize that I carry them too... I feel the attention and connection for myself and others and love to be more and more with myself and feeling what is there to explore. Curious what it brings every time.. And the call for guidance, to trust this is such a big change for me.. it gives me a new feeling, I feel i am carried.. I have made two big decisions and it felt so Natural... and I was as I said looking forward to it, to be with me, with the others, with Tara... to feel the love and peace.. So this weekend I will start the 21 days again! "M"


Thank you for the amazing 21 Day Tara Sadhana. I can honestly say that the word transformational is not even a powerful enough word to describe how this has changed me and what I can now see!! At the beginning of the 21 day Sadhana, I found the visualisations immediately powerful. Although meditation has been a daily part of my practice for some time now, I have never experienced the TRUE connection to self. To my actual me and what is inside. Being able to visualise the Taras, with the colours, the lights, her messages and qualities and then ultimately realising that she is me, she is my soul and spirit and every time I meditate with Tara, I am in fact delving deep into my own soul visualising and chanting her amazingly powerful mantras I am revealing and discovering hidden and lost natural qualities of my soul. I can feel my soul shining through and with every thought and feeling coming from my heart, possibilities and manifestations are a real (although historically mystical and magical) and achievable part of my life now. My family and friends have noticed the change and I cannot honestly thank you enough for your guidance, support, interconnected energetical thoughts and just knowing you are there to drink in the wonderful words of wisdom and love. "Ch"

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