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Guidelines for Yoga Teacher Trainings & Yoga Retreats

Participating in a Yoga teacher training for the first time can be life changing and challenging at times, due to the deep transformative character of a Yoga. 

Rise & Shine Yoga Hilversum is dedicated to provide a nurturing, safe and inspiring atmosphere where deep transformation can take place. Every practise, every step of these Yoga Teacher Trainings is connected and they enhance the powerful and transformative experience that we can provide you with.


In respect to this we created these guidelines that are also applying to Yoga (Detox) Retreats:

1. If you are under treatment of psychic medications (e.g. anti depressants), or if you are having psychological treatments to create balance in your life, we do not recommend you to attend our trainings & retreats.

2. We expect our students not to take any drugs or alcohol during the trainings, because it takes away all energy that has been carefully build up for your transformation. 
If anyone does, they will be removed from the event.


3. In the evenings it is required for everyone to be back on the training site at 22.00 latest.

This to ensure that others who want to have a good night rest, will not be disturbed.


4. A Yoga Teacher Training and/or Yoga Retreat is a group experience where we are in a small community together. Sometimes we might not understand others, but that is no reason to get into judgment. Everyone has had their life experiences and everyone is here to learn a lot about Yoga to enrich themselves. We create a group atmosphere of acceptance and independence at the same time, so everyone can find their own space to be themselves.

We expect you to respect our teaching guidelines and we expect you to respect others in the group as well. 


5. Take good care of yourself.

Be sure to be well prepared with a good travel insurance, cancelation insurance and medical insurance. Usually this is offered as one package. We urge you to do this, as this is your responsibility.  Please note that there are mosquitoes, most likely the entire year.


Our Recommendation:
We recommend that you do not schedule other activities during the course of your Yoga Teacher Training or Yoga Retreat and gift yourself with these days to just be with yourself, so you can absorb all the energies of the yoga training / yoga retreat and the magical island of Ibiza. 


Taking care of you is your own loving responsibility. wishes you an unforgettable empowering and nurturing yoga experience.

With our Love & Blessings

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