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About Detox & cleanse

Greens full of life

I would love to start this post by the simple vision, that our body is our TEMPLE.

Our sacred temple that is hosting our Soul for this life time.

We could discuss hours and hours on the importance of treating our body with love and care. In the past some traditions were considering the body as the most impure part of our being, doing their best to squeeze the body, to suppress the body's needs and wishes in order to go higher in what they considered spirituality. You can find the roots of this beliefs in Christianity, in hinduism, etc.. where the body as the most dense part of our being, is more of a prison for the soul then a temple, pulling it down, anchoring it in sins, etc... These perceptions and ideas are still based on duality ( good & bad) which keeps us in the 3D world. But when we allow ourselves to open up for a higher truth, more compassion and wisdom, actually we can see how the good and the bad are only seen from a horizontal perspective, they play their magical, endless fight against each other...and on that plane there is never a winner, as the fight goes on and on and on...

Only when we understand with wisdom of the heart, that both are right, both are fine in their own way, when we release our attachment to get involved in judging and finding out what is the truest truth... when we get into acceptance of both good/bad polarities, there is a 3rd reality opening up..where there is peace in acceptance in everything there is.

From that calm space we can see how we don't need to identify ourselves with any of the outer appearances..any of the part of our existence, so, also not with mind, or body or our emotions. We discover the endless ocean that we are., including it all, ..and these layers of our existence carry our essence, but we are not them...

We are not them, so no need to fight our way out from their grip... So in order to get more subtle, light and free, spacious in our experience of life we don't need to fight the lower vibrations, the weight of the body anymore...we can just let it be..and treat it with love and respect, with care and compassion..and it that ultimate moment the tension will be released, and the body won't have any grip on us won't pull us down anymore, as we released the fualitical fight.

We can turn then towards the body, the emotions and the mind with kind receptivity...just listening and accepting whatever is arising.

I introduced this whole topic to bring light onto our intention about a detox, cleanse .

Are we interested in starting a detox because we want to fight some things in ourselves- still believing in the good& bad polarity?

Or are we starting a detox out of love & compassion to offer ourselves a special opportunity to be with ourselves, in a more conscious way, creating space , time and attention for ourselves, on the body, mind and heart level?

For me , every time when i do a detox, it feels like a sacred gift to myself..a magical journey that subtles my perception so i can feel and sense layers clearly that usually i wouldn't..

It shows me tons and tons of dynamics on how i treat myself daily, how i live my everydays, and connects me deeper to my soul. It is a sacred time to withdraw into the embrace of my Soul.

It feels like one of the most intimate space that i can enter with my self..a personal retreat..that i am offering to myself out of love.

It is a blessing that I send to myself to grow, to heal and to unfold...

A detox might have side effects like dizziness, headaches, resistances, etc..or emotional struggles...but the more we start it with LOVE and we keep flowing with love during the detox these effects can fade away..until they just are..nothing to fight against, or avoid, or to be afraid of..another moment to practice allowing, acceptance and compassion...and then things start to shift...

In june we did a really nice juice cleanse with a bunch of yogis at the felt really great..the weather was warm, and the cold pressed juices were just delicious and full of vitality, refreshing..

After that I did a Gall-Bladder liver cleanse that brought me a lot of love and harmonious self-centeredness..i really loved it...

And now it is fall, and indeed we know that the best seasons for a detox or cleanse are the transition seasons, Spring and fall...Preparing the body for winter of for Summer and letting go of the previous season...everything is in movement in change a lot of VATA quality as they see it in Ayurveda. (windy, moving, changing).

Because the weather is cooling down, and VATA needs a lot of warmth to calm down, it is not appropriate to do a cold juice cleanse in fall..the body will need more warmth, soups and teas, and yes...maybe something that Ayurveda calls kitcheri...

A hindu dish that is made from rice, mung beans, and special herbs to keep the digestive fire active + vegetables.

Here you can find a good description of all of it:

It is a cleanse to harmonize, to recharge, to reset the digestive system, but also to allow a process of detoxification, that takes place in a smooth light way.

I am doing this for 2 days now...and i feel everytime when i eat from kitcheri, my body is super happy, and receives actually love...

This is how it feels.

So, if you start a detox, always start with fullmoon, or after full moon, in the waining moon.. as that is naturally a period of letting go... Now is a perfect moment before Xmas..maybe you can join me? It is a fantastic journey where you discover that detox is happening on so many levels..sensing emotional dynamics surfacing..contemplating them..and releasing them..

Recognizing thoughts that we usually would identify us our thoughts, and realizing we can also release those...

and energies from the body that we are carrying..but are they truly ours?

Start a cleanse..a purifying SELF-LOVE journey..and discover it for yourself...!

I will come in my next blog post in a few days about some thoughts on how to release energies from the body... a fascinating topic that I am experiencing myself...

Keep choosing Love over fight & fear..

and let's meet soon!



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