Soulbreath & Soul Reconnection Immersion
with Kata & Erno van Doesselaar Sept 30- Oct 3 2021, The Netherlands 


Join Kata & Erno van Doesselaar for a wonderfully transformative, healing and awakening Soul Retreat.

Take refuge on this wonderfully energising and awakening Retreat after a year of challenge and transformation, come home to ground it all in yourself. Get to learn how to connect deeper to your True Self, your Soul, the wise and compassionate part of yourself, that knows the answers to your questions. 

This year has been challenging in many ways, yet we believe we all got called by our Souls to come into a deeper alignement within, to live according to our Soul purpose. And that is why we also feel that after a few years of Pause it is now time that we start to offer not only Yoga trainings but also our Soulbreath® & Soul reconnection retreats/trainings as well.

Sometimes when we attend a training or retreat we have deep infusions of a soulful energy, we feel ourselves more centered and connected, and we feel in a flow of love and inspiration. Yet, after going back to our homes, (every day life) this connectedness seems to fade away..or its not so easy anymore to hold that high vibration and integrate the way we felt and experienced ourselves into every day's situations.

We will learn throughout this week how to maintain a solid Soul connection a midst of everything and how to continue the path of integration and soul awakening in a supported, easier way after the soul infusions as well.

Each day, breath by breath, step by step closer to the full melting with our souls.


Do you have the feeling that in some parts/situations of your life it seems you can not express your Soulful self? That you behave totally differently, you feel more disconnected and there seem to be a cloud over that area of your life, while other areas are shining bright? 

Then again this retreat would be a wonderful opportunity to infuse more your Soulful presence into these areas as well.

We will practice each day what we call the Soul breath, and we will learn techniques to listen, discern and transform our internal blockages, confusions, limiting belief systems, so we can embrace our full radiant Self and embody it in this LIFE.


- Daily Soulbreath sessions (learn how to access a connection with your Soul through the Breath) 
- daily gentle yoga sessions, 
- daily empowering meditations (different techniques)
- resetting and mesmerising Hikes, 
- daily soul alignment sessions where we learn to recognize, and deal with inner aspects that might disturb and block your organic connection to your Soul..
we learn ways to integrate our fragmented parts so we feel more whole, more grounded and more connected all the time. The method of integration, soul reconnection and embodiment that you will learn is based on 15 years of practice and learning by your teachers Kata & Erno van Doesselaar, Who studied with Master Breath teacher Norma Delaney. 
We will each day create a space of compassion and deep listening where we have the time to explore, feel, listen, learn and heal...or get inspired. Silent practices, loads of ME time, and incredible nature (beach at 10 min walk) , forests, and hikes..and the most amazing excellent and yummy vegan meals await for you to recalibrate and reset yourself after an intense year.


DATES: Sept 30 - Oct 3, 2021

LOCATION: Friesland, The Netherlands

Participation fee: starts at 950€/ shared room, all inclusive.

Single room available as well!  Extra fee is 350€

Possibility for private sessions and guidance and energy reading as well.

Our package includes

Soulbreath® sessions, workshops, meditations, lectures on how to embody our Soul

All Vegan delicious exquisite yummy meals through our luxury private chef

Airport transfers in shuttle hours

Sacred hikes

Sunrise & Sunset rituals

Yoga Sessions (all level)

And you can add optional massages, as well as private Soul reconnection Session or Goddess Channels  to tailor your week and journey to what you exactly need.

Accommodation is in a beautiful traditional Dutch villa that includes a specially build yoga hall and Bed & Breakfast options. It is situated at a 10 min walk from a beautiful pure beach.

PROGRAM for SEPT 30-OCT 3 2021:

- 6 nights accommodation

- daily 3 vegan/vegetarian yummy meals

- daily Soulbreath® sessions and soul reconnection sessions

- daily awakening yoga classes & meditations

- mantra circles and sound healing sessions

- sacred journaling

- sacred resetting hikes and ceremonies 


EARLY BIRD PRICE TILL JANUARY 31 2021 is 950€ /pers in 2 pers room.

After that regular fee is 1095€.

You can book your spot with a deposit of 500€ and pay the rest later.

To register or for more info please send email to

Spots are limited to 9 ppl. Dont wait too long to book your spot!

TRAVEL info: 

You need to arrange your transport or book your flight to The Netherlands and we will pick you up from the airport and offer your transfers. In the transfer hours ( around 3pm arrival day and 2pm leaving day)


The retreat starts at 5 pm, and we offer airport transfer around 3pm

The retreat finishes at 2pm, and we can take you to the airport right after that.

Looking forward to share this magical journey and magical new location with you All!

Blessings, Kata & Erno van Doesselaar

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