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What do you need to know about the Studio?

a peak inside Rise & Shine Yoga Hilversum


- At Rise & Shine Yoga Hilversum we offer Hot Yoga & non-heated Yoga classes. We use a high quality heating system that warms up the air and in the same time keeps a good level of humidity and it also provides fresh oxygen during the class.
In the Hot Flow classes you can expect about 33- 35 C, in the Bikram Style Hot classic classes 39 C. The hot climate helps to soften tension in the body, relaxes the muscles, increases flexibility and supports detoxifying processes. It might help you with weight loosing as well. Sometimes it takes a few classes until you are getting used to practice in the heat.
Just explore & be patient and loving to yourself.


-We offer you a brand new beautiful mat, you don't need to take one with you, unless you wish to do so.
- We kindly ask you to clean the mat that you used after practice with the ecological sprays that we use.
- If you take a Hot class or a sweaty flow class, please take a big towel with you that you can place over the mats to absorb the majority of your sweat, and to avoid slipperiness. If you don't have a so called grip towel specially recommended for Hot Yoga, we sell them in the studio.  If you forgot your towel home , or you don't want to carry it the whole day after a morning practice we rent them for 1 euros. 

- We have a shower that you can use after your yoga, and in our dressing room we have some wooden boxes to put your personal belongings.

Opening time of our Studio and being late:
-The studio is open minimum 30 min before class. Please come on time for your lesson, minimum 5 minutes before start, so we can all start in time in a relaxed way. It is essential to respect this for the rest of the group and the teacher so the class will not be disturbed.

-In case you are late with 5 minutes or more, please understand we cannot let you in anymore.
Especially in the beginning of a Yoga class we create a meditative space together to set the energy for that class.
Out of respect for our teacher and for all the other students in that class, we do not want to disturb this.
We really understand that traffic can come in between sometimes, but unfortunately we cannot make an exception to this.


If you are new to our Studio:
- If you are new to our Studio, please come minimum 15 min before class, so we can explain you a couple of things, and we can hear from your own needs & preferences. 
- In the yogaroom please practice silence, we have a community space where you can enjoy interactions with others before & after class together with a cup of tea or a nice cocnut juice.
- If you have any special condition, like pregnancy, illness, sensitivities please let your teacher know about it before the class, so you have a safe practice with us.

- What should you wear for your yoga class? 
For Hot Yoga, Hot Flow, Hot Core Fusio, Hot Express please wear some tops, or sporstbras, (women) sleeveless t-shirths or without tops (men) - hot yoga shorts, capris to help your body in the cooling down /breathing process. preferably no long pants, especially no thick training pants.
For Yin Yoga, Gentle, Slow flow,Pregnancy Yoga wear comfortable yoga clothes. Can be longer leggings, paints, cotton shirts etc..
- If you are coming for a Hot class, make sure you drink enough before class already, and after class as well. If you practice regularly any type of Hot Yoga, make sure that you refill your minerals with some supplements ( Ca, Mg, Vitamin C, salts,) & you eat living food that contain a lot of these minerals & electrolytes: coconut water, orange, bananas, mango, ananas, cucumber, nuts, etc..

-If you have any question, always ask your Teacher, and feel free to send us a mail.




We hope you will enjoy each moment with us !
 Sylvia  from Rise & Shine Yoga Hilversum 

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