Yoga Nidra & Restorative Yoga Teacher Training on Ibiza
(dates to be announced)
with Erno & Kata van Doesselaar

70hr in depth Training to learn how to open up to the Great River of Nourishment within...timeless and ancient techniques & practices on how to drop down into stillness, replenish your energy on the cellular level..get access to your own healing space within, and increase your awareness. Accessing a total surrender where healing, initiation, transformation and awakening can happen. 
Learn how to facilitate this sacred journey to others. Soulful Yoga Nidra, and Restorative Yoga. A wonderful tool kit for ultimate reconnection, recalibration, rejuvenation & relaxation.
Learn to work with adults and teenagers and children(special yoga nidra sequences for kids and teens) and for adults. Learn to offer sessions on One-on-one and for groups.
Learn to create a safe space for healing, rejuvenation, deep listening and resting.
In this fast spaced society we forgot how to rest and replenish our energies, it is important that we increase awareness on our energy management and understand the nature of stress, hormons, and our order to learn to take care of ourselves and others.
Learn powerful techniques to balance out all the toxic and draining effects of the speeded up existence, and the overstimulation of our nervous system.
During this 6,5 days intensive training we will also learn how to integrate emotional energies, traumas that our bodies, and cells are order to complete a true healing process.
A Path of integration of all our aspects and release of energy blockages, emotional stories and traumas to expand into our wholeness and fullness.
Learn how to create space within to not identify yourself with your emotions, sensations, your mind..and how to allow energies, emotions to reveal themselves and then flow again to be released, be freed.
Learn how to walk the steps towards awakening, fulfillment in a safe way, guided by your Soul.


Daily practices of yoga Nidra, Restorative meditative yoga & Soulbreath sessions
Daily practices on holding a sacred space on one-on-one for a partner, using Soulbreath, Mindfulness techniques.
Daily practice teaching of Yoga Nidra & Soulbreath, and Meditation & Restorative yoga.
Daily theory & lectures on psycho-spiritual integration work, awareness development
Learn to teach Yoga nidra to adults and also to children and teenagers
Daily healing sound-sessions, mantra chanting, soundbath
Daily 3 Vegan delicious clean meals
Daily beach walks our villa is 6 min walking from the Sea.
Daily silent time to enjoy the healing power of stillness.
Accommodation in our beautiful villa 6 min from the beach Cala Nova in single or shared rooms.
6nights/7 days program
APPLICATION with an email is necessary,  with introduction and motivation email- as this is an intensive transformational course we require a strong commitment for participation, and intention for healing inner work.
Single Room package: 1850€
Shared room package : 1500€
If registered by Sept 30, with a deposit of 500€
Get an early bird discount
​ of 100€ 

What is Yoga Nidra? An ancient technique that is also translated as yogic sleep. Through specific steps we are guided to a deeper state of relaxation where the mind is not active anymore yet the awareness is present. In this way our whole system is rejuvenating and we can access a spacious state where stuck energies, stored emotions, tensions can be released, as we go beyond. 


What is Soulbreath: Soulbreath is also an ancient way of breathing. Known by tantric buddhists around 200 AD. A way of being where we anchor ourselves into our Spirit nature, inviting our Souls/Spirit/Divine essence to get embodied in this current life. Through the breath we ground more and more of our full presence, and awaken deep potentials for Love, Fulfillment, Growth, empowerment..and invite divine guidance into our lives.
This Breath has been taught to Erno and Kata trough the Master of Breath Dr Norma Delaney, through many many years of trainings and practice together.

What is Restorative Yoga: Restorative is a very healing nourishing type of yoga, where we dissolve in beautifully supported gentle poses through a lot of props. The long held simple and gentle poses we experience them without any effort only with nourishment and enjoyment.

The poses, the breath and stillness allows us deep rest and rejuvenation, and this practice helps the body to heal, helps emotional wounds to be embraced and eventually to be released..great for people living a very intensive , challenging period, under  mental stress, physical injuries or emotional struggles. 

A beautiful practice for restoring and self love and nourishment.

Great to complement a yoga nidra session. Before the session for example.

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