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Calling all dedicated Yoginis, ready for an unforgettable Summer Learning journey on the magnetic and magical Ibiza!
We have created a completely new setup, after having offered more than 120 yoga teacher trainings the last 11 years internationally and now 9 years on Ibiza. 

As we believe that the essence of yoga and awareness practice is FREEDOM and liberation, we are offering these trainings in a format/setup that reflects this freedom, more then anything else before. 


We have a beautiful rooftop at 100m from the sea, and we have the vision to practice and teach, learn yoga up there for smaller groups with big personal attention, and actually lower costs for everyone.

You can choose your own accommodation, whether it is airbnb or a hotel, or even share a room together with another participant ( we can help you with that) and you will be responsible for your own meals, loads of options nearby from cafes, to restaurants and super markets, pick-nick on the beach, or in a sweet local spot.

We only ask you for the Yoga tuition, and provide you manuals, yoga mats, tea and water, snacks.

Schedule daily will be 8am-11am & 15.00-19.00pm plus extra sunrise and sunset sessions, excursions, hikes. Meditations, by the beach.

Our Rooftop is covered, with canvases, offering shade and also sun, whatever you wish. Lounge area to sit for lectures.

Our EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTED FEES are as follows - valid till 31 MARCH:

max 7 ppl for each training.

JULY 17-23 GODDESS VINYASA FLOW 60 H Teacher Training
Price: 700€  (regular fee 900€ after 31 march)


Price 1190€ (regular fee 1390€ after 31 March)

You can take both for 200hrs certification if you complete the online module as well (30-40 hrs)

Full 200h package including online prep module: 1990€



Price: 700€ (regular fee 900€ after 31 March)


Max 7 ppl for each training.
Register today with deposit only and enjoy your early bird discount!

Location, Ibiza, a beautiful sweet town Santa Eulalia, 100m from the sea.

Join Kata van Doesselaar’s lifechanging and inspiring trainings in magical Ibiza, and deepen your yoga teaching skills, or make the first steps to become a yoga teacher.

The trainings will also help you to clear your energy, gain more awareness about your Self, your life and to find your Purpose. 

Who are these trainings for?

For beautiful Souls who wish to go deeper into themselves, and learn everything about the roots of yoga and how to apply it in these modern times with love and inspiration.

You need to have a yoga practice for about 6 months minimum.

And send your application via email, with your intention and introduction.


ATTENTION: if you are mentally instable, or not good with summer weather , this course is not for you. It is forbidden to take drugs, and alcohol during the course, and in the days and nights of the trainings. If this is not respected, we have the right to refuse you.

Our Program

- Morning yoga, breath and meditation  practice, on the roofterrace or by the sea followed by lectures.

- Then lunch break (Siesta 11-15h)

- Meals on your own in Santa Eulalia or the hotel, beach time..

- Afternoon practice and lectures: 15-19h

- Dinner (not included)

- On some evenings, mantra, women circle ritual, or sunset trip.

Plus some hikes, excursions etc.. nature time ❤️

The training takes place in the charming town of Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, in a beautiful spot, next to the beach and hotels..the fee includes the training and all the excursions. Accommodation & Meals are not included.We can recommend you places to stay and also to eat.








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