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chakra in yoga

Chakra Balance Training &  Immersion 
with Kata van Doesselaar 

ONLINE TRAINING LIVE from your own home

DATES: Jan 30th - Feb 4

Daily schedule 10-17.30h (includes an hour break for Lunch)

Sessions will take place on ZOOM. You can also watch it later, if not available to join live.

All recordings will be available to you for 2 years.

JOIN OUR UNIQUE CHAKRA BALANCE Immersion (50hrs) Yin&Yin Flow (meditative, energetical practices for awareness, balance, and holistic living) 

ENTERING THE SACRED TEMPLE OF OUR SUBTLE BODY to connect deeper with our Soul.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CHAKRA YIN&YIN FLOW TT can be added to ADVANCED YIN TT  and to the BASIC YIN, and together built up to 200hrs Yin Yoga Certification.

In this 6 days of magical immersion with high vibrational practices we will awaken the consciousness and themes of each chakra and learn the tools to do this through yin yoga and yin flow , meditative slow movement meditation sequences.

You will learn about how the chakras, their dynamics, are affecting your life.

Chakras are energy centers in our system, connected to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

We will dedicate each day to a different chakra, explore it's topic in our life through yin yoga & meditative yin flow practices. We will practice them together, break down our sequences and work with each theme in a deep powerful way to understand the alchemy that can take place when we move with awareness, we work with intention and the knowledge of our energy bodies.

Each day connecting to the earth (Muladhara 1. Chakra), Water (Swadisthana 2. chakra ).. Fire (Manipura 3. chakra) Air (Anahata Chakra) Akash (ether throath & third eye & crown chakras)..

Understanding how the chakras are centers of energy and themes in our lives will teach us how to create balance in our life and empower our weak spots on emotional, mental and physical level with a corresponding yoga practice.

Learn to teach 2 sequences  for each chakras - a yin flow and a yin yoga session - for each chakra.
Learn special mantras and mudras to energize, restore the flow and balance in each chakra, and along this immersion gain deep awareness about your own dynamics.

Dive into assessments and self enquiry..partner work to grow, to open get confident about your intuition and sensory awareness.

Usually our immersions and teacher trainings are highly transformative. While we learn tools to empower others,  in the safe & sacred space that we create there is possibility for deep contemplation, self study, and transformative healing work.

IMPORTANT: This immersion requests that participants already have a basic knowledge of the yin poses, as we will work with them, but won't explain them, as that is happening in our Yin 60hrs basic module.

You can purchase and complete our Yin Essentials 50hrs online TT as well, as preparation, and we are happy to offer it to you with an extra discount. Ask Kata for more info.





The price includes a manual that you can download, access to all LIVE training sessions on the training days and free access to all the sessions for 2 years.

You will be also added to our closed study group to ask questions and share experiences and inspirations.


- All sessions of our 6 days live streamed training

- all sessions are recorded, so you can watch them anytime

-access to all course materials for 2 years

- closed fb group for participants to exchange, inspire and grow together, during the course and even after the course

-regular follow up sessions - interactions in our study group after the training to support you

- teacher training manual to download and print to learn from

-sessions are in English


- 1. One session about nutrition & diet for supporting the balance and functioning of each chakra

- 2. playlist for your chakra yin&yin flow classes

- 3. a yin & yin flow sequence for each chakra

- 4. Special session over mantras and the seed sounds that are very powerful sounds to use to empower the chakras

- 5. A map for sequencing transformational classes

At the end of the course you will be asked to complete a coursework, which includes about 4 hrs of Self assessment- to work on a creative project about chakras on your own. When you have submitted that and it is approved, you will be sent a certificate of completion approved by Yoga Alliance for 50hrs YACEP education.

These 50hrs can be counted in towards 200h or 300hrs or 500hrs TT with Rise &Shine Yoga School.

REQUESTED READING: Wheels of Life by Judith Anodea



"Oh, my God, I believe everyone should be taught this in school..and it would be easy to have a fulfilled life! Thanks Kata for your inspiring teachings.

"Powerful ..very powerful..each sequence worked so deep on me, and made me realise so much about my own life and ways i work and function..cant wait to teach these to my students!"

¨Thank you so much for creating a truly transformational course, your passion and energy shon through every day. The week was so well structured the time and commitment both you and Erno have put into developing the course was so clear. I loved the SUP boarding, yoga on the beach and travelling to the Es Vedra......all of these elements were so well connected. The villa was absolutely beautiful, along with Diana creating wonderful meals each day and the opportunity to have a massage with Leyla. Everything came together with ease. For me I felt a strong transformation and a different connection each day, I came away feeling like a new inspired soul and I cannot wait to inspire others through my teaching. Thank you again for showing me the courage and belief we all carry within us....sometimes we just need a little inspiring light to guide us on our path."

Thanks so much Kata for all your passionate teachings...will be back for sure. Such a wonderful experience in your beautiful Ibiza retreat Center@

"Kata is a wonderful teacher, very inspiring , passionate, open and attentive. Brings the highest wisdoms and insights down to earth so everybody can grasp it and absorb it..she is sharing a lot of her personal experiences that makes her feel REAL and authentic. I can't wait to learn from her more."



Download a Free E-book on Yin Yoga & Chakras by Kata on the picture.

About your teacher Kata van Doesselaar (EYRT 200,500)
Kata has been studying and practicing meditation, energywork, bodywork, consciousness, astrology for more than 25 years. Yoga came to her life to ground her openness and balance things out between spirit, heart and physical level.
She has been practicing yoga for 17 years, and teaching it for 11 years. 
She has been following studies for more then 1000hrs with her teachers, Shiva Rea, Sarah Powers, Tom Myers, Lama Surya Das, Karin Gurtner, Daniel Odier, and others.

In 2014 She started to develop her own teacher trainings and teaches them ever since worldwide, mostly in Ibiza, her home base, Hungary, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Bali, Indonesia.
While she has been teaching more than 100 yoga teacher trainings (yin yoga, yin-yang, Vinyasa flow, Goddess Vinyasa Flow, Goddess Restorative, Chakra Yin&Yin flow, advanced Yin, Prana Vinyasa Flow..) she always remains a dedicated practitioner and student. 
Her biggest passion is to awaken to the sacred in everyday the sacred in the physical world..and manifest from the source within a soulful life. And to share this with others...also being part of the global sacred feminine awakening movement Kata feels called to work with Women in a healing and sacred way.
She feels she has been always guided, and this is what fills her with trust even in times like today.
Kata hopes to share some of her great teachings and wisdom crumbs that come from experience with You All soon!

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