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(Approved by Yoga Alliance® -YACEP)
for practitioners and graduated teachers as well


Special Offer: YA Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Our in person Yin Yoga teacher trainings start at €1500 
We bring the same and even more enriched package to you Now for €700 only!

Having taught more than 100 yin yoga teacher trainings & more than 15  200hrs YTT
in the last few years, we are ready to share our rich experience & life changing teachings with those who can love the flexibility of attending online.

An incredibly rich training to help you to understand and embody and teach the Essentials of yin yoga, Chinese 5 elements, meridians and organ health, the latest fascia theory and the art of sequencing, teaching yin, and individual coaching.

Content of the 50hrs Online Yin Yoga Training:
- 44 recorded video sessions (that you get life long access to)

     *including 9 yin yoga sessions, 2 yin-yang sessions, 3 meditations, 1 yoga nidra session and a special breathing session.
     *Including lectures about: Yin & Yang philosophy, Anatomy of yin yoga, posture analysis with functions, modifications for 36 yin poses, Fascia theory, 5 elements and meridian theory and applications, emotional balance, mindfulness, and tantric buddhism, awareness on yin & yang balance in life. Signs of out of balance and therapeutic use of Yin Yoga.
      * Teaching skills:  the art of teaching yin yoga,  the art of sequencing yin yoga, the role of a teacher, the art of holding space for oneself and students.  Teaching skills enhancements, the contraindications, alternatives for Yin yoga practice, difference between restorative & yin yoga, yin yoga & pregnancy and postnatal period.

      *Journaling of your own experiences, and sharing experiences with a wonderful online community in our closed FB group. You can ask for support at any time you need it.
      *Inspiring assessments to integrate the information, experiences. 
      *One live chat session with Kata to share your journey and receive feedback on teachings and sequencing.


Rise & Shine´s Online Yoga Academy - life changing expereince - life long access to content

Our Format of the 50 hrs online yin yoga essentials teacher training:
You will recieve all videos with online access, and a printed manual by post to your address. You will be able to progress with the training in your own rhythm from the comfort of your own home.
To get certified : You will have to complete a short written coursework
and a teaching video (at least 30 min) on which you will get feedback, and you will receive your 50 hrs Yin Yoga TT certificate upon completion.
You can use these 50hrs to start to work towards your 200hrs certification as well, if you are not a yoga teacher yet. And with time take other (in person) modules with us, to build up your hours.

This training will be seen equal to our in person Yin Yoga basic 60hrs TT , therefor can be followed by our Yin Flow Chakra module and  Advanced Yin Yoga TT in person/online, if you wish to continue your studies.

The 50hrs Yin Yoga Essentials is an intensive Yoga teacher training that is the ripened fruit of 7 years of experience of teaching Yin yoga teacher trainings around the world.​

Your teachers have more than 25 years of study and learning experience and endless hours of practice as source to draw their inspiration to offer this rich journey to You.


APPROVAL & CERTIFICATION: This training is registered with Yoga Alliance as YACEP training: Continuous education. And you can add these hours to your training hours, that you are required to be adding each 3 years, if you are already a registered teacher.

If you are starting your teacher training journey now, you can use these hours to build up to 200hrs (foundation teacher training) and follow other modules.

Regular fee is €700 including all 50hrs program, manuals, shipping cost and 1 teacher feedback session.
You receive the full package at once and you can start this 50hrs Yin Yoga Essentials Online teacher training whenever you want and watch it again as much as you like.


FOR OUR RISE & SHINE YOGIS: when you already took our Yin Yoga TT in person we offer you this package at special price of €300 , as the content is enhanced and in this way you can practice with us, and revisit all themes and learn new ones as often as you wish! Please contact us here for your Rise & Shine Yoga discounted price..

Check our Intro to our Yin Yoga Essentials Yoga TT below

Read some of our reviews from our Yin Yoga & Yin &Yang Yoga Teacher Trainings - from real students through Bookyogateachertrainings website:

Booking this TT was one of the best decisions I've made in years. The personal journey, the course content and lectures, the food , location and hospitality were all way beyond my expectations. Kata is a very knowledgeable yet humble teacher, whose purity from within shines very brightly. Her tolerant explanations of some of the more complex asanas was, for a relative novice such as me , perfect ( most of our class were more advanced than me). Kata always managed to give us each as much time one on one as was needed, and managed somehow to keep the whole thing lighthearted and fun throughout the course. Erno's yoga nidra and breath work was very enjoyable , what fantastic tools to learn and carry with you through life. His open ,calm and relaxed ways make him an easy person to trust allowing for letting go on a deeper level during his sessions.  Austin
All 13 of us got along very well because of the energy and environment we were blessed to be surrounded with. Erno’s yoga nidra sessions were extremely powerful and Kata’s expertise and knowledge in not just the asanas but also in Sanskrit, anatomy, mantras , mudras , Elements and Ayurveda allowed us to really explore, understand and connect with the course on a deeper level. Whether you have prior yoga experience or not, I highly recommend this YTT for everyone that wants to truly understand the fundamentals of yoga . I wish I had known about this program before I injured my back because now I know exactly how to listen to my body and honor it with a yoga practice that is suitable for me . This YTT , the whole experience really helped me regain not only my strength but also confidence practicing and teaching a yoga flow with the right attitude. Khine 
An incredible personal growth experience that allows you to become a better version of yourself in such a loving and nurturing environment. The training program was excellent as were the lovingly prepared meals and the comfortable accommodations. The instructors are two beautiful souls that bring so much more to this experience than expected. Kata and Erno - thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience, and for accompanying me through this amazing journey. You have been a blessing in my life and the life of so many others. Namaste ...Berthe
Kata Van Doesselaar is an extraordinary Yoga teacher trainer, with extensive experience and a breadth of knowledge about Yoga, meditation, breathwork and life. My experience during this Yoga teacher training was one of being honoured, respected, encouraged, challenged, nurtured, loved and transformed. The nourishment and deliciousness of the incredible breakfasts, lunches and dinners, had a wonderful effect on my sense of well-being. The 2 excursions of Sup paddleboard into the sunset and cave sunset Om with the full moon picnics took my breath away! The way Kata delivered the 200 hour YTT information verbally, with reading references and her own manuals, was very easy to understand. The earnest encouragement I was given to be patient and willing to develop the skills I need to teach, allowed me to shift into a rhythm of growth, that has set me firmly walking on my Yoga teaching path. In particular, because of the deep healing nature of the Yoga we studied with Kata associated with Chinese Medicine meridians, along with the breathwork approach to transformation that I received from Erno, I was able to experience a profound transition and freedom from some lingering greif, that had previously been stored in my body. These are the most valuable treasures I will carry in my life tool kit on the rest of my Earth Walk and pray that it takes me back to Ibiza again. I found my teacher. Forever, In Gratitude & Love, Deb Silver (Deb Stone)
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