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Kata & Erno van Doesselaar are the Dreamers and creators of Rise&Shine Yoga Ibiza .
They are separately and together on their Journey of Self realization each for more then 25 years. They are inspired and passionate to share their experiences, what they learnt from Teachers on the Path, and through their own Soul's Guidance. Please read about them here:


Kata van Doesselaar ERYT 500+ Yoga Teacher, Teacher trainer, Studio &Retreat Center owner, Breath & Massage Therapist, Healer and Soul reconnection Facilitator

Kata van Doesselaar  ERYT500 is an experienced Yoga Teacher, breath & massage therapist, healer and coach. She is practicing yoga for 15 years, and teaching yoga for 10 years.
She has been trained in various styles (Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa) until she found her Maha Teacher Shiva Rea, that she feels the most inspired by.
So Kata's primary style became the Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Krishnamacharya lineage) that Los Angeles based Shiva Rea founded, and she still keeps learning from it as a life long student.
The last couple of years Kata became an assistant teacher in Shiva's teacher trainings, that fills her heart with passion and joy. And  she is one of the very few teachers in the world  who is allowed to offer Shiva Rea's unique full Prana Vinyasa 200hrs teacher training- as affiliate teacher trainer- being approved  and supported by Shiva. 

Besides her dynamic practice Kata was always enjoying stillness and meditation, so she was in Heaven when she discovered Yin Yoga. Being a very energetic Soul, Kata embraced the Yin yoga with open heart, and allowed the practice of letting go, stillness and surrendering to bring balance into her busy life. Having seen the huge impact that yin yoga did on her she went to study with Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley's senior teachers to learn all of it, so she can transmit the gifts of yin yoga in an authentic and pure way. Kata has been training with her Teachers more then 1000hrs. 

These last few years, Kata followed the call of her Soul to go deep within and that impacts of course her daily practice and teachings. She is very inspired to work with the Goddess Energy, in meditation, asana practice, chanting. 
She developped her own Soulful Teacher Trainings, meant to empower others to live an embodied Sacred life. 
She moved to the magical island of Ibiza in 2017 with her sweet family and loves the high vibration that this inspiring island offers each day. 

Together with Erno they offer their unique soulfilled Yoga Teacher Trainings and immersions and retreats mainly on Ibiza, but also in other locations such as Hungary, Switzerland, Netherlands and Bali.

As a mother of two children, and her rich experience of healing, self-healing, her biggest passion is to inspire people to grow into their full potential, and find their true Self and manifest their Dreams.

Erno van Doesselaar 200YA Yoga Teacher, Teacher trainer, Studio &Retreat Center owner, Conscious Breath Therapist, Yoga Nidra Teacher and Soul reconnection Facilitator

Erno van Doesselaar is a breath therapist coach, and a yoga teacher 200hrsYA. Being on his journey of self discovery since an early age, he learned to work with energies, and conscious intention. He has been trained in consciousness schools to learn how to transform belief systems, emotional patterns, that are limiting our life experience. His main passion is to dive deeper and deeper into the soulful connection with his True Self and get his inspiration from his Soul every day. He has been learning and practicing the Soulbreath for more then 15 years now, the breath that is our divine breath, that awakens our divinty, our true nature. He has been watching this Breath changing and healing his life entirely.

A few years ago he also discovered that Yin Yoga is so suitable to that Soulful journey, as he started to practice it more and more with Kata, and decided to learn to teach it as well. Erno has completed besides several Breath Teacher trainings and Spiritual Trainings, Yin Yoga teacher trainings and a Yoga Nidra Teacher Training. He is adding the depth of the Soulful Breath  & Yoga Nidra to our Teacher Training in Ibiza. And loves to guide people into deeply healing meditations and yoga nidra sessions.Lately he has been developping his own Yoga Nidra teacher training that blends the Soulbreath, a deep breath that helps to integrate any parts that may arise to be released and embraced through yoga nidra sessions. 

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