I would love to start this post by the simple vision, that our body is our TEMPLE.

Our sacred temple that is hosting our Soul for this life time.

We could discuss hours and hours on the importance of treating our body with love and care. In the past some traditions were considering the body as the most impure part of our being, doing their best to squeeze the body, to suppress the body's needs and wishes in order to go higher in what they considered spirituality. You can find the roots of this beliefs in Christianity, in hinduism, etc.. where the body as the most dense part of our being, is more of a prison for the soul then a temple, pulling it down, anchoring it in sins, etc...
These perceptions and ideas are still based on duality ( g...

We get many times the question in the studio, what to eat for breakfast if we come for a yoga class in the morning? Or When should i eat at latest before class? And what should I eat after class? 
All these are good questions, and most of us found out by our own experience what is the best for us...sometimes through not so comfortable experiences:) So we wish to help you to find out what works for you with some tips.
First of all, we are all different, so you really need to sense and feel what works for you.

In general we can say that Hot yoga ( classic& flow) classes are pretty intense on their own, so you definitely don't want to eat right before, as for your body it is already a lot of job to keep up with the class, having to spend energy on t...

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"The Study of asana(yoga pose) is not about mastering a posture,
It is about using posture to understand & transform yourself "


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