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SPECIAL COVID POLICY: in case that you couldnt join us due to COVID regulation such as travel restrictions, border closing etc, we can rebook you to another date in the future at no extra cost.

60hrs Yoga Alliance Yin Yoga Teacher Training
Ibiza  2021:
June 20-26 & Sept 27-Oct 3, 2021

Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Kata van Doesselaar on Ibiza

Yoga Alliance Approved


- Yin poses (basic poses & variations)
- Understanding the effects of the Yin poses from physiologic, anatomic, energetic, emotional, mental, therapeutic  perspective.
- Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine (meridians, elements)
- Understanding the holistic principles that applie to our health, body and our life. Learning how to balance the energy flow in specific meridians to shift the health of specific organs, and transform areas in our emotional, mental our practical-physical life.
- Learning to embody the yin quality in our life, opening up to surrendering, receptivity, compassion, stillness, self-love and acceptance.
- Learning one's own unique anatomical structure and principles for approaching each and every skeletal constitution in a unique way (learning adjustments, variations for each body type, and each pose)
- Modifications that can help with a therapeutic approach for problems such as back, spine problems, hip, pelvic, shoulder sensitivities, all kinds of joint , muscle  and connective tissue complaints.

- Use props for each pose and each problem
- Philosophy of Yin Yoga (such as mindfulness, breath awareness, loving kindness)
- Learning to listen inwards, getting to know one's patterns, belief systems, what creates our perspective our life. And how can one shift them in a soulful way.

- Meditation techniques, mantras, breathing practices (Soulbreath) to calm the mind to reveal one's deeper truths and rebalance ourselves.
- Learning how to create sequences from yin yoga poses according to one's intention, for individual use, group classes.

- Basics of a Yin-Yang practice, and how to create sequences in that beautifully rebalancing style.











This 6,5 days training will enable you to create a yin class/session, long or short for a group, or for an individual session or for yourself.
You will learn transition poses, and intelligent ways of sequencing- taking in consideration pose families, anatomical guidelines and meridian therapy.
You will be enabled to work on one-on-one with clients with specific needs, complaints and anatomical constitution.

You will be able to create the "yin space" the quality and energy within yourself, so it can enrich and balance your life, and so you will be able to offer it to others.
The peaceful, compassionate allowing presence that heals all imbalances by just "being with it".

 You will learn how to allow yourself to feel emotions, intensity , to reopen shut down senses, and then being able to let  all the sensations , emotions (E-motion: Energy in motion) flow and go... instead of diving into the story of it and holding onto them. (Tantric& Mindful Buddhist approach)

This course is a deeply transformative healing journey, as only by healing & loving ourselves FIRST we can offer these qualities to going trough the experience, instead of just talking about the theories of it. 
There will be a lot of focus on your personal experience and opening up to senses, listening, landing in your True Nature.
Yin Yoga has a deeply healing effect. And even tough every person is different, every story is different, and a healing process requires not only the realizations of the patterns, underlying emotional memories and tensions behind every dis-ease, but also new conscious choices about your life, we can acknowledge that with appropriate sequences you can rebalance major imbalances in the body with regular yin practice.

Such as allergies, digestive, hormonal problems, back problems, mental problems, blood pressure problems, anxiety symptoms, emotional blockages, lack of energy. Emotional disorders such as lack of determination, trust and confidence, anger problems, depression, fears can all be nurtured by appropriate yin practice with great results.

Eventually transforming our life into a more loving, more still, more attentive and caring, enjoyable journey, then the fast paced western pattern.


About the Teachers

Kata van Doesselaar  EYRT500 , EYRT200 is an experienced Yoga Teacher, breath & massage therapist, healer and coach. She is practicing yoga for 15 years, and teaching yoga for 10 years.
She has been trained in various styles (Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa) until she found her Maha Teacher Shiva Rea, that she feels the most inspired by.
So Kata's primary style became the Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Krishnamacharya lineage) that Los Angeles based Shiva Rea founded, and she still keeps learning from it as a life long student.
The last couple of years Kata became an assistant teacher in Shiva's teacher trainings, that fills her heart with passion and joy. And  she is one of the very few teachers in the world  who can offer Shiva Rea's unique full Prana Vinyasa 200hrs teacher training- being approved  and supported by Shiva. 

Besides her dynamic practice Kata was always enjoying stillness and meditation, so she was in Heaven when she discovered Yin Yoga. Being a very energetic Soul, Kata embraced the Yin yoga with open heart, and allowed the practice of letting go, stillness and surrendering to bring balance into her busy life. Having seen the huge impact that yin yoga did on her she went to study with Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley's senior teachers to learn all of it, so she can transmit the gifts of yin yoga in an authentic and pure way. Kata has been training with her Teachers more then 1000hrs. 

Kata is now based in the Netherlands and Ibiza.

In the Netherlands she runs her own yoga studio together with her Life & Love Partner Erno van Doesselaar. On Ibiza they run their own retreats and teacher trainings.
Besides the weekly classes at her studio, Kata is offering workshops, retreats and teacher trainings internationally. As a mother of two children, and her rich experience of healing, self-healing, her biggest passion is to inspire people to grow into their full potential, and find their true Self.

Erno van Doesselaar is a breath therapist coach, and a yoga teacher 200hrsYA. Being on his journey of self discovery since an early age, he learned to work with energies, and conscious intention. He has been trained in consciousness schools to learn how to transform belief systems, emotional patterns, that are limiting our life experience. His main passion is to dive deeper and deeper into the soulful connection with his True Self and get his inspiration from his Soul every day. He has been learning and practicing the Soulbreath for more then 10 years now, the breath that is our divine breath, that awakens our divinty, our true nature. He has been watching this Breath changing and healing his life entirely.

A few years ago he also discovered that Yin Yoga is so suitable to that Soulful journey, as he started to practice it more and more with Kata, and decided to learn to teach it as well. Erno has completed besides several Breath Teacher trainings and Spiritual Trainings, Yin Yoga teacher trainings and a Yoga Nidra Teacher Training. He is adding the depth of the Soulful Breath to our Teacher Training in Ibiza.


Upcoming Dates:  
2021.June 20-26 
Arrival on the first day around 16.00 to the venue, as we start the immersion with a welcoming ritual around 17.00. 

Departure on the last day after a closing morning ritual around 10.30

Location:​Magical Island of Ibiza, in a remote peaceful venue.




Daily Schedule Plan (can change according to the groups needs):

- 7.45 - 9.45 Morning Practice & Meditation

- 9.45-10.45 Breakfast
- 10.45- 13.30
Theory, Exercises, Lectures.
-13.30 -14.15 Lunch
-14.00-16.00 Afternoon break- Beach time, Reading, contemplation time.
-16.30 - 19.30 Afternoon Session: Practice, Theory, Lecture.
-19.30- Dinner

Required Readings:
Sarah Powers: Insight Yoga
Mindfulness: Findig Peace in a frentic world

Shared or single rooms in a beautiful, tasteful and stylish ibizan venue.

- Yin Yoga Teacher Training for 60hrs Yoga Alliance- 6.5 days: 850€/person  TRAINING ONLY
- Meals and accommodation as extra (600-850€) depending on your choice of room.

Transports are included in the price (from & to the airport )
WE ONLY OFFER TWO OPTIONS FOR FREE SHUTTLE- on the arrival day around 3pm, and on the departure day around 10 am.
If you need shuttles outside of these time frames, please take a taxi, or get in touch for public transport recommendations. 



You need to participate in all sessions in the training and complete a written coursework after the course to be sent in. After approval you will be sent your certificate of 60hrs Yin Yoga, that you can register with Yoga Alliance as YACEP (post educational hours) or you can build up with other modules to your 200hrs Yoga Teacher certification and then register with Yoga Alliance.

Cancellation policy:

Our cancellation policy is that we keep a non refundable deposit of €500  if the cancelation happens up until 8 weeks before this teacher training.

If cancellation happens before the last 8-6 weeks, there is only a refund above 1100€.
If cancellation happens within the last 6 weeks before this teacher training, we cannot give any refund anymore.

Due to all booking costs, deposits for the villa's and catering costs that we agreed upon, this cannot be undone. For our General Terms and Conditions click here.

To Register & for any questions click here:


What the participants of our previous trainings said:

The Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Ibiza was great! In a beautiful place with great yoga teachers and healthy food. The course was truly revealing, both physically and mentally, and Kata and Erno have a clear and inspiring way of teaching. I learned a lot about Yin Yoga. Theory and practice were well balanced. After I completed the course, I felt well prepared to teach. I already started teaching, and sharing Yin Yoga with other people, brings me a lot of joy. Thank you very much, Kata and Erno. You are great teachers.
As it was one of my first steps into this kind of experience, I can tell you, I'm a lucky person, that I found Kata and Erno offering their knowledge and enthusiasm in teaching on beautiful Ibiza. I felt safe accompanied by them during the whole stay. By taking us to magical spots like calm beaches and wood surrounded roof tops to feel the energy of the elements in meditation to dive deep into the Yin Space, I opened up to allow transforming inner and outer experiences. All in a joyful atmosphere, through feeling, they love what they do. Not enough space to mention everything here ... a private concert from their friends from Hang in Balance, accompaigning one of our sessions, super delicious organic food 3 times a day by wonderful chef Jila energized me, beautiful villa, lots of knowledge about meridians, anatomy and energy, soulbreath- & yoganidra-sessions by amazing Erno helped me to calm down, guidance through Yin Practice by passionate shining teacher Kata...I loved it...helping through her wisdom and presence to connect deeper to myself! Wonderful! Thank you! Ingrid

It was an amazing training with great and experienced teachers and so nice and wise people Kata and Erno !! The place was wonderful, lovely villa in the middle of beautiful nature, food was really delicious (I loved the desserts!!!), the atmosphere during the week was so friendly, peaceful and kind !! I´m very lucky, that I had an opportunity to meet so many wonderful people!! Thank you all of you, thank you Mandy, that you cared so nice about us! Thank you Kata and Erno !! Alena

What a wonderful yin teacher training. Huge transformation, deepening of my understanding and learning from the best teachers!

We became a beautiful family at the end, so much love and care has been shared. Amazing great organic vegan meals, and special care of our organizers.

And a plus of the teacher training, so much has been shared about how to create sequences, and that is usually never explained. We gained so much, i feel confident to start o teach Yin yoga in my own studio, and i feel joy sharing the healing power of yin yoga.


What did you gain from the Yin teacher training? 

I can only say that I gain myself back. 

As a whole me, My Dragon part as well as my human soul!

It’s been one of the most eye opening journeys in my life!

I liked learning about the meridians and healing/treatment aspect of yin. Which I haven’t experienced in normal yoga classes. 

I feel I have learnt a lot more about my body and how to read its signs. I’ve learnt the value and priority of this in my life, and the important of putting a lot more priority on my yoga, and yin practices. 

Mostly – it was the fabulous connections with some incredible ladies and powerful energies that I am still impacted by.

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