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60hrs GODDESS Flow and Wisdom YOGA TEACHER TRAINING on Magical Ibiza

DATES: March 25-31, 2021
LOCATION: Santa Gertrudis, Santa Eulalia,  Ibiza 

Beautiful venue in the country side.  

JOIN US WITH DEPOSIT ONLY of 500€ & pay the rest later.

December is still a wonderful and warm month on Ibiza, and so we are happy to offer this delicious week for All women feeling the call to awaken to their highest potential and to learn tools to empower others!



Join this life changing journey to awaken your connection the the Goddess within. 

Each day we will invoke and connect and learn about a Goddess whose qualities we carry within ourselves but now it is the time to awaken these connections so you can start to live an even happier, fulfilled life with all your divine creativity, wisdom and transformational powers.

Learn to hold a sacred space for others and learn tools and develop skills to empower other women in their transformation, healing and rising!


We will have daily practices (ALL LEVEL), yoga, meditations, chanting, self enquiry, workshops, rituals, teaching labs, excursions to sacred temples, waterfalls, and healing water ecremonies to awaken your divine feminine energies. Daily beach time and me - time

Delicious yummy vegan -vegetarian meals, teas..

Goddess sessions to facilitate how you can connect to many shapes and sacred energies of the Goddess.

Each day a different aspect of the Goddess will be coming to us, and we can recieve it, embrace it and integrate it together through individual and group practices.


Throughout the history of humanity there has always been feminine sacred communities to pass on wisdom, healing and empower sacred creativity..we will walk this path together and form a sweet and nourishing women circle troughout our week..with acceptance, inspiration, love and kidness.

Loads of nourishment of this beautiful Goddess island... daily 2 times Goddess yoga sessions, meditations, Sequencing, teaching lab, mantras, chanting, women circles...massages, beach time, sunrise sessions , healing yoga nidra session

and optional Personal Goddess Channeled reading.


The Goddesses we will work with:

(please note this is not a religious program, we honor each tradition, and we awaken the qualities of the Goddesses inside of ourselves)


- Mother Earth, Moon Goddess
- Sun, Shiva
- Goddess Saraswati

- Goddess Lakshmi

- Goddess Durga


About Kata van Doesselaar 500hrs EYRT :
Kata has been trained in many various healing techniques , energy work, Breath and Integration work ( to integrate fragmented parts of ourselves back to healing Love..) and also as Awakening facilitator through many years besides her 15 years Yoga journey she LIVES these wisdom practices and she walks these pathways towards Self realization as a women for more then 20 years.
Her depth and compassion touches you from the moment you meet her, yet her light and kind, often funny personality radiates through those depths...Her connection to the Goddess Tara goes back to 20 years ago..when she had her first big awakening moment with a kundalini spontaneously rising. Not easy...not relaxed..but well...powerful.
She would be happy to hold space for your reconnection, blossoming and healing and learning journey to empower others.. ...and is really looking forward to guide you together with the Goddess through this magical week on a sacred Island of Ibiza- that is connected to the Goddess TANIT.

Blessings& Love ♥

Kata van Doesselaar

Goddess Durga: stands for courage, empowerment, ability to face our fears and any negativity, to transform our weak spots to experience and embodied strength.Awakening the real Power of Love. Which is able to set boundaries out of Love and make them respect and protect from any harm.
Goddess Lakshmi stands for Love, Beauty, Wellbeing, Harmony, Abundance.

Goddess Saraswati: stands for learning, wisdom, arts, healing powers, creative inspiration to flow with life in a sacred & inspiring way

Goddess Kali stands for strength, clarity, cleansing, new beginnings, releasing old attachments, liberation.

Ganesha God: Blesses all new beginnings, help to move the energy, removes obstacles, and lightens the path. 


Yummy clean vegan meals

Our Rooms


Magic spots & Rituals

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Sunrise at the door


Our Practice space


Yummyest vegan meals

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Prices & Reservation


REGULAR PRICE: 1600€ all inc .

-6 nights at our beautiful seaside yoga villa in shared double rooms 
- vegan brunch and dinner - the yummiest

- 7 days of program including daily 2 practices (yoga, meditation, dance) goddess lectures and awakening sessions, meditations, chanting, wisdom and healing circles, practices.Teaching labs.
- Sacred rituals and excursions to powerspots on Ibiza , sunrise and sunset rituals, water Soul purification ceremonies

- OPTIONAL : massages at extra cost.
It is possible to book a Personnal Goddess Channel(reading with Kata) for extra cost.


REGULAR PRICE: 2000€ all inc .

- 6 nights at our beautiful oceanside resort in single room with AC
- vegan brunch and dinner - yummy healthy
- 7 days of program including daily 2 practices (yoga, meditation, dance) goddess lectures ans awakening sessions, meditations, chanting, wisdom and healing circles, practices.
Sacred rituals and excursions to powerspots on Ibiza , sunrise and sunset rituals, water Soul purification ceremonies


Dr David Frawley:

Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses: Spiritual Secrets of Ayurveda

Sally Kempton: Awakening Shakti

Upon completion you will receive a 60hrs Yoga Alliance approved certificate that you can add as continous education hours, or build up to 200hrs Goddess Vinyasa flow Certification.

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