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12hrs CREATE MAGIC course is designed by Kata van Doesselaar, who is passionate to share the alchemy of the energies, consciousness, and how to create Magic in your Life in an effortless way. 

This online course of 13 + 3 chapters will boost your ability to connect deeper to your Self, to explore what have been patterns and influences and dynamics playing a part in your creations so far. The 13 sessions and guidances from Kata will help you to gain new awareness about what you truly desire and what is your Core wish and in order to manifest that what is all you can do and undo.
We will explore how you can set yourself free from all that limits you in order to fully open your wings and Fly and each day create some magic. 

As you were born to do so.

The course is inviting you to activate your Creative Power through all inspiring and transformative sessions.  And then through a 21 day integration journey which you can do on your own time, and your own way you will be guided to enhance your manifestation skills. And truly activate your magic!


Kata van Doesselaar has been exploring the art of conscious creation for the last 25 years.
Started her life 2 times in new countries, with small children, as a dedicated mom and love to her partner. 
Each time generating a wonderful creative flow and bringing her creations to blossoming.

Opening a yoga studio and filling it up in 1 year, in the Netherlands. Starting with passion her teacher trainings and after a year her monthly trainings were full.
A midst of all this she created a conscious lifestyle yoga clothes brand, that is expanding as well.

And instead of crashing in the challenges of the pandemic she is successfully and joyfully building online learning and empowering communities with her beautiful Yoga teacher trainings, and developing more creations that are filling her heart with joy.

Kata has been guided to refine her huge creative flow along the many years, and she feels, now is the time to help others fully go for an authentic manifestion Path. Her unique gift is that she is sensitive to understand energies, elements and cosmic principles, with a developed awareness to see what flows and streams move and guide our lives, but she is also at home on the practical level, having inherited a passion for manifestation and business as well. In fact her call is to build a bridge between spirituality and physical realms, and doing that with love and joy and wisdom.

We live in a time when the pandemic has been pushing us to reconsider fundamental questions about our life on all level. And the main question is, when life is so obviously transient, what is that truly matters, how do i want to live my life, and who i want to be?

Many people have been going through a clearance, and awakening process through these times and self-enquiries, and many came to a place where they feel, now is the time for a greater change in their life, to live more aligned to who they feel they truly are. But sometimes all this can seem very difficult...but wait a minute..what if we were born with Rumi says, and so we should just stop crawling and open them and fly, and create with our magic each day?


This empowering course will help you to get more connected to your Soul & Spirit, to your Soul seeds, to your potentials, and will help you in manifesting your Path aligned with these.

We will learn tools to clear our vision, our energy fields from limiting patters, we will learn tools to maintain a steady vibration so you can hold your vision and each day flow with it, and you will learn new tools to navigate within yourself to know what needs to applied , engaged, activated, what is necessary and when.

We will learn the different steps and phases of conscious creations.

And you will get a very clear map on how to move forward in your life according to your Spirit's vision.

Also we will learn ways to use crystals in this manifestation process, which has been used for this even in the ancient Mystery Schools.



This empowering magical course includes:
13+3 sessions of 12hrs with Kata van Doesselaar -recorded for you :
  •  13 sessions that are available for you to watch in your own time:
    The Titles of the Sessions are:
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2.Mind Patterns influence our reality
  • 3.How was your first manifestation ? Birth based patterns
  • 4. Patterns of your birth
  • 5. Recreate your birth - guided meditation
  • 6. What are your needs?
  • 7. What are your heartfelt desires?
  • 8.Hold your vision & fine Tune creation
  • 9.Crystal self care practice
  • 10.Cleanse, awaken & center : A Yoga practice
  • 11.Expect the magic
  • 12.Heartfelt desires & Lakshmi mantra practice
  • 13.Trust the process
  • A CREATE MAGIC - Crystal box that will be shipped to you with magical, clearing and empowering crystals , that we will learn to use in this course, so they help you to take care of your energies and your creations.
  • A pdf booklet and journal for your Create Magic Mastery that will be sent to you by post as well.
  • EXTRA 3 sessions to help you in the 21 day integration journey. Which includes the daily create magic ritual, a Goddess Yoga nidra session to reset you and connect deeper with your Magic and Abundant Self. A Mantra session to help you with obstacles that may arise on the way.
  • Access to a private online forum, where you can share, inspire, ask and get answers quickly, to support you as you are creating your own magic.

  • All sessions will be available to watch for 1 year.

  • BONUS: Individual guidance sessions with Kata  can be scheduled for you at extra cost, to refine your creations and find your authentic voice, journey and path.

You can subscribe any time, and we will send you access and ship your create magic box ASAP!


You will have access to all contents of the course for 1 year.

Participation Fee in this Mastery course :
All inclusive 270€ 
(fee includes all 10 sessions of 12hrs

THE FIRST 10 person can register at a SPECIAL DISCOUNTED rate of € 175€ (shipping cost excluded)

If you have financial difficulties, and you feel this course would really help you, please contact us to discuss options.



Examples on the themes we will work on:
- Connection to Your Spirit, essence
-Mantaining the connection, the high vibration throught your day

-Clarifying your vision

-Clarifying each aspect of your vision

-Exploring your way of creating, what works, what doesn't?

-Exploring your obstacles and motivations

-Finding or refining the form of your creation

-How to share, express your gifts in an authentic way
-Tools to support you in authentic expression

-Clearing up blockages, patterns and enhancing talents in expression

-Exploring your possibilities, learning to play with energies and creations

-Learn to be able to create master plans..involving the right timing for each element in your process.

- Learn to read signs..and get stronger in your intuition.

-Connect to your strength, to fully come out of victimhood and embody your creatorship on all levels.

- Dynamics in working together, clearing up patterns, emotional blockages, to be able to open up for more support

-Self care & Self Love tools 

-Learning to work with the energy of stress. So it doesn't influence your creation in a negative way.


Please send a message to Kata!
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