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Rise&Shine Yoga Online Academy

We are excited to be able to offer many of our most popular and transformational yoga trainings ONLINE! We have been teachings these over the last 8 years regularly, ending up by having taught more than 70 trainings along the years worldwide.
And now you can follow them from the comfort of your home!
Get all the benefits of an empowering holistic yoga teacher training or immersion as practitioner or teacher, and start your journey today!
All our trainings are approved by Yoga Alliance, you can even build up your 200hrs with us with the different modules!

- Soulful 50hrs Yin Yoga essentials TT ( Yin basics, anatomy&meridians, organs, philosophy, psychology, energetics and therapeutics)

- 30h Acu-yin TT: A powerful blend of Acupressure and Yin Yoga and 5 elements healing work. Go more in depth into the healing, energetic balance, selfcare tools, and prevention, life according to the seasonal rhythms

- 200hrs Yin&Yang Yoga TT, our full most popular holistic Yoga teacher training, that offers you the blend of a 5 elements soulful vinyasa flow, and of a Yin TT. Become Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher upon completion!

-60hrs Goddess Vinyasa Flow TT LIVE online! Learn to awaken devine goddess qualities inside you through specific sacred vinyasa flow sequences, mudras, mantras and meditations. Learn to work with women and hold women circles. So powerful!!

- 50hrs Chakra Yin Flow TT, coming in August. An incredibly powerful movement meditation training to learn to work with chakras and the areas of your life with slow moves, and circular sequences and yin poses. Philosophy, Psychology, Awareness, energetics. So powerful again!

-40hrs Goddess Restorative Yoga TT. LIVE online. Learn how to teach Restorative, Goddess Nidra, and help people relax, rejuvenate, rest better and heal emotionally.  Again, so much needed now days!



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