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Goddess Yoga Nidra & Meditation Teacher training
in beautiful Ibiza
with Kata van Doesselaar 
(Yoga alliance approved YACEP training)


Yoga Nidra Sessions

Special Meditations

Mantra sessions and kirtans

to invoke the different and empowering aspect of the Divine Feminine.. 

to give you tools to work on the subtle fabric of our energy bodies for healing, transformation, karmic pattern release, ancestral karma release and AWAKENING to your fullest potential.

We invite you with joy to this deeply transformative journey to connect deeper to yourself and to your awareness, your inner resources, hour healing capacities and your potentials.

In this training we gathered all the techniques and tools to create deep rejuvenation, reset, recalibration, and tools that eventually will help us to connect deeper and easier to our True Self. Restoring this connection is super important, especially nowadays when so many intense forces are at work and it is easy to get pulled away from our creative, birthing sacred center.

We will explore and learn the traditional roots of Yoga Nidra and meditation, and then we will explore the Goddess's way to connect to our birthing power, manifesting creativity and visionary Self.

We will learn ways to relax the body, mind and release emotions to create Space for something greater, bigger to be embodied in our Lives.

The training can be taken as a personal journey, to dive deeper into your Self, but also as a course that will teach you how to take people on a deeply healing, transformative journey, on one-on-one or in group setting.

The program is spread over 6 days, April 15-20 & an additional online session of 6 hrs beginning May to integrate, share and embody the knowledge and tools and energies we shared.


Learning the fundamentals of traditional Yoga Nidra, learning sequences that will help us to balance out our energies, build more awareness, and tap into our full creative power for graceful manifestations, guidance and inner wisdom.

We will learn 2 traditional Yoga nidra sequences based on the Bihar traditions.

And we will learn 3 Goddess Nidra sequences to work with the devine feminine awakening in us:

- with the essence of the Goddess Lakshmi (nourishment, love, fulfilment, manifestation)

- with the essence of the Goddess Saraswati (healing, intuition, synchronicities, wisdom)

- with the essence of the Goddess Tara (wisdom, spiritual transformation, clarity, awareness)

And we will also learn a Chakra Nidra sequence to harmonize the energies in all our centers.

We will then, in the last part of the training also work on learning how to create your own sequences for a Yoga nidra session, what is the structure to be respected and where can you create freely..


learning to hold space for our students Learning a variety of traditional and timeless meditation/yoga techniques, different pathways to expand our awareness, our perception of Self and Life. 


We will explore different ways to work with our breath, awareness, body and sound. 

Awakening to the Sacred Power of Meditation & Mantras & daily meditation and yoga. We will learn the roots of mantra practices and establish a steady base of understanding and knowledge from which yo can start to use the ancient and powerful mantras in your daily life and your teachings.
Mantras are inducing a higher frequency (always specific) with intention to our energy fields and subtle bodies, and through the use of them we can work through our karmas, challenges and stuck energies.
You can recreate your reality by cleaning old patterns and inviting a new flow of energy for greater health, happiness, wealth and prosperity, spiritual embodiment.



And practicing, anchoring meditation journeys that will open your senses, awareness that you will be able to share with others.

Through the 6 days we will spend together you will learn the roots of meditation (buddhist, mindful, tantric, movement, mantra, breath) and foundation of the awareness work that has been taught in yoga philosophy and through different centuries of humanity. 

As well as  Quantum energy laws that affect & shape our reality. We will work on the physical body level, for better connection to the body, and awareness of vital energy in the body with daily Soulful Yoga, meditations,  practices, and Mantras, soundhealing... kirtans.

Each day a different theme, a Pathway to access the Source within. Such as tibetan buddhist practices, tantric meditation practices, silent and emptiness techniques, as well as movement meditation and mantra meditations.
Also we will have teaching labs to practice teaching Yoga nidra, meditation & mantras to others.


We will also experience in our week healing soundsession with crystal bowls.
We will also go for walks, hikes on our beautiful island. And for sunrise and meditation by the water. 

And you will definetly feel you have been on a personal recharging, recalibrating retreat :) Join our inspiring soulful community!

Join us this April 2023, when our magical island explodes of new vitality.. almond trees are energy is strong and rising. 

Let us celebrate the beautiful pure LIFE within ourselves, and learn techniques to sustain vitality, organic connection to the radiant Self..grow and expand our awareness.For a happy and healthy fulfilled Life. 


Daily yoga, meditation, chanting practices,  yoga nidra immersion and technique, and soulful dance session, water blessing ceremony, daily Circles to empower and share. 
If you wish to raise your awareness, your vibration, and learn tools to maintain a high vibrational living, and you wish to learn to share Meditation and powerfully healing, resetting Yoga Nidra sessions in a confident , skilful, guided way with others, to empower people to transcend negative stories, spirals, and open up to higher truths, and their full potentials, this immersion is FOR YOU! 

Soundhealing, nature excursions..recharging cleansing vegan yummy meals.

This transformational Immersion can be taken as Yoga teacher training or personal immersion.

Some yoga, meditation, yoga nidra experience is required.



- Daily Goddess Yoga Nidra sessions, meditation, chanting practices 

- Teaching labs, to learn the foundation of Yoga Nidra, and of Goddess Yoga Nidra, a special aspect of Yoga Nidra developed by Kata, that will connect you to SHAKTI the devine femine creative Source.

Learn to teach Goddess Yoga Nidra, meditation and mantra sessions with different set sequences each inspired by the wisdom of the Divine Feminine

- learn to offer a safe space and hold a sacred transformational space for groups and individuals

-Deepen the practice of Mantras, and learn to offer healing and transformational Mantra sessions to groups and individuals

- accomodation for 5 nights in a beautiful traditional yoga villa in the heart of Ibiza.

- Daily vegan, GF meals, snacks, tea & coffee, water.

- Practice and learn different types of meditations to take you deeper into SELF

Learn new ways to offer Yoga Nidra, Meditations to Groups or individuals.

...and so much more!

Join us with EARLY BIRD discount till 31 th March, and book your spot with a deposit only!
For All info, send email to info @

Daily Schedule Plan (can change according to the groups needs):

7-30-8.30 Quiet morning yoga & meditation to wake up and energize.

- 8.30-9:00 tea and early morning snack 

- 9.00- 09.30 Sharing Circle.

- 9.45-11.00 Goddess Yoga Nidra Practice

-11.00-12.00 Brunch 
-12.00 -14.00 Theory, Lectures,  Group sessions, assessements, practices. 

-14-16.00 Afternoon Break, walks, contemplation time.

16.00 - 16.30 Afternoon healthy Snack & tea

-16.30 -18.00 Afternoon Nidra Session: Practice, Theory, Lecture.Teaching practice 

-18.00-18.45 Meditation, mantra and sharing circle.

-19.20  Dinner

20h- Free time or evening philosophy session


April 15-20, 2023 & May 14. Sunday (12-18h online)

We start at 4 pm the first day & finish at 10am the last day. 


What is included:

-6,5 days of training, (6 day  in person and 1/2 day online)

- 5 nights accomodation, meals.
- daily yoga nidra, yoga, meditation& mantra sessions 
+ Soulful lectures on yoga philosphy, energy laws. how to live a high vibrational life, and how to fulfil your purpose

- Soul purifying Water ceremony by the Sea, coldwater swim (optional)
The sessions are lead by Kata van Doesselaar 
(teaching language: English.
- Manuals with all sequences, theory, etc 

What is not included:
- travels to Ibiza, transfers from airport (taxis are easy to get to the villa- for about 30 €)  
We can recommend hotels for extra nights. 

Participation fee:

Shared 2 pers room with shared bathroom: 1250€ 

Single room with shared bathroom: 1500€

Price goes back to normal fee after 31th March

You can register with €500 deposit (non-refundable) now and pay the rest 1 month before the course.
Please book your travel insurance that covers you if anything happens on your side!


Covid & Cancellation policy:
If you can't travel to us because of COVID restrictions, such as lock down, or border closure, or the course can not be offered because of the same reasons and restrictions, you have possibility to rebook for a later date. 

The deposit is non refundable : €500
Please take your own travel insurance to keep you safe no matter happens.

Please note that our group is limited to 10 participants.
So, book your spot on time!

For bookings & questions please send a mail to here 
So blessed we feel to open this circle of vibrant awakening, transformation and deep cellular healing.
We can't wait to rise & recharge and have great fun with You
in beautiful Ibiza.


"magnificent experience in every way, from the amazing location through the wonderful organisation and the loving atmosphere that Kata and Erno with their beautiful souls offered to us.
With Kata, Erno and the lovely ladies I met in the retreat I found a space of love and acceptance in which I could deeply be in contact with myself in a truly authentic way and learn a lot.
In this retreat I deepened the change of my consciousness about life, soul-body, breath, flow and yoga in life. I felt in my body and soul that it is about love. It is about awakening to self love and living from and in my heart. Thanks to the explanations, practices and specific corrections despite asthma and allergies I started to enjoy each breath and feel it in my body movements. Healthy eating is important to me and the vegan meals inspired me to expand even more my creativity in new healthy recipes, keeping using a very special ingredient: Love. Through the teaching of Kata, the intensive practices, her inputs and supporting way I started unlearning my ‘social programming’ and stepping into my true soul and body core, into my power, loving myself unconditionally, embracing all of who I am and following my heart. In this training I started to deeply feel what it means to accept who I am with all my ‘limits’, without forcing what I cannot and without judging myself, supporting myself and my development as well as the development of others. Thank you!!!
I’m looking forward for the next retreat!

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