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11 month Intensive Sacred Awareness School with the energies of Goddess Tara, Isis & Mary Magdalena
The school starts in Oct 2021! Exact dates and schedule coming soon!
Pre-registrations already OPEN! 

An online& in-person intensive program for developing sacred awareness & creating a fulfilled Life. Divine Feminine energies & Wisdom: Goddess Tara & Isis & Mary Magdalena. Transform and awaken, and learn tools to support others on their Journey.
Lead by Kata van Doesselaar - Channeler, Yoga, breath and meditation teacher, teacher trainer.

Program outline:
This Program has been specifically put together for those who feel the call for a radical positive change in their life. The year 2020 has benn shaking many structures and beliefs and plans and concepts..and therefor it has been confronting us with the questions: Who are you truly, how you want to live your life? What is really important for you?
We are living and unprecedented time that has incredible potentials for growth, awakening, activation and creativity. 
If you feel the call, that you wish to step into your TRUE SELF, into your FULL POTENTIALS..and you are ready to release what blocks you, distracts you, keeps you in struggle to activate your full range of radiance and happiness and fulfilment, this School is for you.

It will be a 11 month of intensive transformation, which at the end will also enable you to hold space in a powerful way to others on their Journey and support them on this same very path of awakening, transformation, rebirthing and healing.


You will be participating in LIVE ONLINE Sessions monthly. Some longer, some shorter, see dates and schedule below. And every second week you will receive a recorded 1 hr session to keep you going and take you deeper into the month.
You will be asked to participate in a study private group with sharing, or questions etc.
You will be sending in monthly a short written work about your journey and inner developments.

You will join an in person 5 days immersion on Ibiza in October to anchor all our work and experiences and learn and practice how to work with others, hold space and enhance a process in the purest - most guided way.

Upon completion of the 10 month you will have a one-one session with Kata - as sharing, and feedback and deeper initiation. And you will receive your Certificate of completion.
This will enable you to work with others in your chosen way. (you will get specific support in your development - towards your unique vision). For ex, as a soulful yoga teacher, as healer, as awareness guide.

WHAT IS REQUIRED to participate?

- a strong inner commitment to yourself and towards your development, and this learning journey.
- weekly 3-5hrs of work on yourself and our assessments, and projects.

- participation in the modules (live, online, OR exceptionally from recordings if live wasn't possible)

- a good internet connection

- 2-3 books to read

- that you have a rather balanced state of mind, no drugs, no alcohol and no serious mental health issues. And you are able to balance yourself out, and ground.

- you take responsibility for your own life and your journey, your acts and time, and commitments.


- empowering, transformative guidance for an 11 month long inner and outer journey, to support you on your Path to get clear, strong, connected and inspired to LIVE YOUR LIFE FULLY

- Monthly school sessions LIVE ONLINE

- every second week session to inspire you to go deeper

-an inspiring spiritual community, a Sangha to keep you committed and support you trough the journey- private group to share experiences , ask questions

- access to all sessions for 2 years 

- life changing teachings from Kata van Doesselaar who walks the path of self realization and awakening for more then 25 years

- a clear understanding about Life, Purpose, and your possibilities

- tools to work with others in a holistically empowering way

- materials for each module, texts, a book.

- a certificate upon completion


- If necessary you can always ask for extra support or guidance (extra sessions are available for extra fee)- please know that you wont be left alone, this training offers full accompaniment.

Coming soon!

1. Module: 3 full days 10-18h each day (online)  GODDESS TARA & ISIS
-Awakening the Sacred Body(renewing the sacred connection to the physical body
- Releasing patters that hold us from truly ground and be nourished and received by Mother Earth for this life. (release birth traumas, and related past lives issues)

-Unlocking the gates to be nourished, supported. Exploring food, eating, holistic ways for nourishing ourselves. Food,digestion, embodiment, grounding connection. Self sabotage and support.

- Clearing up or organic connection to the SUN & cosmic Father and Mother..Awakening the connection to our Source and origin, and recalibration of parental polarities.

2. Module:  15-19.00h MARY MAGDALENE
- Stepping into deeper love, understanding Love with awareness beyond human stories
- Love for Self
- Renewing connection to the sacred Love
- Opening new gates to receive and share Love in all ways it comes and flows

3. Module  15-19.00 GODDESS TARA
- Exploring how our life is affected by belief systems
- Awakening the power of LIBERATION
-Understanding and releasing old beliefs that limit our ability of fulfilment and embodiment 

4. Module  10-14.00h GODDESS TARA
- Intuition and visualisations, learn a new language to communicate with your Self and understand ways Spirit communicates with you.

- Opening our mystical senses, learn to sense and communicate with other sacred beings


5. Module 2 full days. (10-18h) SACRED BREATH  - ISIS& TARA
2 full days to invite and awaken & embrace the practice of the Sacred Breath

- learn how to connect to establish a daily connection to Your Essence

- Learn how to deal with challenges, that makes you feel small, victim, disconnected, abandonned
- Learn the Path of embodiment of our Sacred Self.


6. Module  10-14h GODDESS TARA
- Vision of your Life

- Learn how to focus your energy , hold space and manifest

- Learn how to sustain a high vibration


7. Module 15-19.00h  MARY MAGDALENA & GODDESS TARA
- Relationships, learn new ways to understand their purpose and find enjoyment and appreciation

- Learn how to enter a sacred space in friendships, partnerships, family connections
- Learn ways to empower each other and to learn and listen


8. Module 5 days on IBIZA in person retreat (ALL GODDESSES)

- learn to hold space for groups and one on one, and learn tools , schemas to work with to support others
- learn to build your own awareness as you are opening space for others, learn to balance the energies
- learn guided meditations, exercises, rituals, sacred energy exchange, intuitive guidance
- Soulful Space holding & inspiration

- Helping in recognising and removing beliefs and obstacles towards healing, transformation and fulfilment of another

After module 8 in person you will have 1 month to complete 3 group sessions and 3 individual case-study, sessions. As your practice and course work.

9. Module 14-18h  TARA & ISIS GODDESSES

Integrating, feedback, and discussing the assessments and experiences. Sharing, learning from it together.

10. Module: One-on-One session with Kata to evaluate your Journey, anchoring and initiating to next level and chapter. In Sept 2022. Dates to be set individually.


- Early bird price till 31 May, 2021: 1100€ for the online part and 850€ for the in person Ibiza 5 days in shared rooms :
So a total of 1950€ for all the programs, sessions, materials access to all sessions for 2 years.

(single room extra fee 300€)

- Regular fee after 31 May is 1300€+850€ = 2150€ with shared room accommodation. (extra fee for single room)

For the Ibiza retreat in person all vegan meals are included and accommodation in nice quiet villa. And all group and individual sessions, and hikes, excursions.

THESE PRICES ARE COVERING THE FULL 150hrs Training (111h with instructions and 39hrs of selfstudy and coursework). THESE PRICES ARE KEPT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE IN RESPECT TO COVID FINANCIAL CHALLENGES on most people.
Please be aware that these reduced prices are only available in 2021, and will not be offered afterwards, as the content and power of the transformational power of this training is incredibly rich.

The registration for the course is possible by sending an application, with your short presentation and motivation , intention letter, why you wish to join this, and what you wish to attain trough the school. Since it is an intense and beautiful transformational journey that we are embarking on, after approval of your written application you will have a 15m online chat with Kata. To connect and see if this is the right journey for you. Please only apply for participation if you are serious about your commitment, to not waist anyones energy and time.
Once approved, you can book your spot with a payment. 
Payment can be at once, or in two parts:
For early bird:

- 1950€ once or 2 times 1000€ (first at registration and second half by dec 31)

IN case you need different financial arrangement, please contact Kata for the possibilities.


The program is non refundable.

NOTE: in case the in person retreat can not take place in October on Ibiza due to Covid restriction, we will reschedule it to another date.


We look forward to shre this journey of growth, expansion , healing, transformation with You!

To radiate your full light and awaken your Golden potentials into Life!


The teachings and techniques will include energy work, awareness practices, meditations, movement, study of wisdom texts, and loads of self enquiry, group sessions, soul breath and mind study ..we will use some movement but it won't be our main focus. Please note this is not a yoga training, we wont work with asasnas. 



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