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This package of 14hrs Women's yoga & Self care is recommended for every women, who wishes to feel good in her body, understand herself and her cycles better. You will learn to listen to your internal rhythms and your organic connection to nature's cycles (Moon cycles especially) and also to understand the meaning, wisdom and energetics of your hormonal cycles, the monthly, but also the greater feminine cycles that happen as evolution ina. women's life.

Awakening the sacred heart and body to embrace this all, but also learning tools, practices, sequences and meditations to accompany you in each part of the cycles.

We will learn 6 different yoga practices to nourish you and empower you throughout the months, and 6 meditations, and 1 yoga nidra session.

There will be also 3 sessions of feminine wisdom lectures to help you to understand all processes, and reflect on how they are present in your life.

Once you learn to live in harmony and resonance with your cycles you will feel a whole new world opening up..where your own feminine wisdom, creative power and rejuvenate power is easily accessible, and at your disposal to start living in a soulful way as a Creative, Wisdom Goddess.


The course will be launched the a symbol of Selflove and Selfcare and celebrating YOU as the radiant Woman you are, with All the Love there is.

You can watch all the sessions unlimited times, in your own rhythm. This online course is giving you the possibility to create a self-care and self-empowerment routine and a whole new dimension in your Life.

99€ early bird price till 15 february
after that 125€

Gift yourself with it with early bird discount, or gift another women for Valentines day, someone that you wish to see shining bright!

As women, together we rise into a complete new way of Loving and expressing ourself. We are creating right now a new Path, together..which women have not been walking before. Rising in love. In nourishment, with compassion.

This course is part of this moment of bringing awareness to the feminine..awakening the feminine wisdom and more love on the planet.


- 6 videos of 75 min each different yoga practices and styles to give you just what you need through the month in harmony with your cycle

- 6 videos of meditations , including fullmoon and new moon sacred sessions

- Informative lectures on monthly hormonal cycle, greater women wisdom cycles, and yin&yang in life to tackle your needs perfectly

- 1 blissful yoga nidra session to nourish you and recalibrate you when you need it
- access to a loving and empowering private group to share community and experiences and questions and answers
All videos are there to be watched in your own time. You have access to them for 2 years.

OPTION to add a special Goddess Mala or Goddes Notebook to Journal for your package.

All practices are suitable for all level. If you have any special health issue, please get in touch and ask your doctor.

Your Teacher: Kata van Doesselaar (Experienced Yogini  for 25 years , senior Yoga teacher, Channeler, Creative Goddess and teacher trainer approved by Yoga Alliance)
Check Kata's teaching on our Youtube channel:

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